RCM-X Implements OneTick TCA

OneMarketData, LLC, the creators of OneTick, a solution for event stream processing and tick data management, announced that RCM-X has gone live with their OneTick Transaction Cost Analysis (TCA) service. RCM-X, the trading technology focused affiliate of boutique investment firm RCM Alternatives, is a technology provider servicing the professional trading community, and hasis implemented OneTick TCA to enhance its execution algorithm suite, specifically in the global futures markets.

Were thrilled to be working with OneMarketData to bolster our execution algorithm services. They have a phenomenal track record of providing technology solutions that are second-to-none, said Joe Signorelli, Managing Partner at RCM-X. We believe that partnering with them through OneTick TCA will supplement the current services we provide to traders in helping them achieve their best execution goals. TCA allows us to analyse our clients algorithmic trade flow and provide suggestions to reduce implicit costs, such as slippage, that may otherwise go unaddressed.

Were excited to welcome RCM-X as a partner on our OneTick TCA service. Together we can provide better context behind each transaction, and ultimately help traders fine-tune their strategies, said Ross Dubin, Global Head of Sales at OneMarketData. Weve continued to see an increased interest from customers in our TCA service simply because it can generate alpha by exposing, and ideally lowering, the cost at which you buy and sell.

Built on top of OneTicks proprietary tick databaseand stream processing platform, the TCA solutions customizable analysis offers the flexibility to show orders and fill performance against a variety of price benchmarks by venue, industry, algorithm or sector. OneTick TCA provides traders with information on costs, quality, and potential market impact as it happens. These analytics become actionable information at the point of trade.

Determining these metrics on an internalized basis offers the ability to adjust an algorithms behavior. Execution strategies and routing logic can be adjusted intelligently in response to outlier conditions; either aggressively or passively in reaction to market conditions or broker behavior.