New Derivatives Exchange ZUBR Opens for Crypto Trading

The rapidly expanding community of crypto derivatives traders stands to benefit from an industry-grade trading service with the launch of ZUBR, a new high-performance exchange for digital asset derivatives. The platform has seen a cumulative trading volume of more than US$25 million since going live.

Bringing a transparent and reliable solution to the market, dogged by unregulated platforms which offer special terms to the selected or affiliated few, ZUBR is offering the lowest on the market fee structure and connectivity options to clients of all sizes.

The exchange offers perpetual contracts on cryptocurrencies with up to 20x leverage, microseconds of the execution speed, London-based colocation and professional algorithmic trading infrastructure as a service available to all clients.

ZUBR’s CEO, Ilgar Alekperov, said: 

“The derivatives market is suffocated by players who marginalise smaller traders by offering preferential speeds and trading tools only to those who can pay them.

“Although we have not been live for long, our users have shown an incredible amount of confidence in the performance of our exchange, shown by a constant growth in trading volumes. We pride ourselves not only on performance but delivering a fair trading environment for all participants.”

Unlike the current crypto platforms available, ZUBR is targeting to become the arbitrage hub of the crypto market offering its infrastructure and low fee edge to clients, who want to stay competitive against the oligopoly of bigger players with special terms from large exchanges.

Ilgar continued: “A lot of traders feel that the crypto derivatives market is damaged by the maker rebate structure and multiple fee discounts from exchanges that hurt the overall market liquidity, price discovery, spreads and market participant structure. We want to nurture a healthy environment, where traders compete with skill and not with fee scales and rebates.

“Our high speed LD4 infrastructure with cross connections and points of presence near major crypto exchanges allows all our clients to be faster and more competitive per se. Those who chose to co-locate with us in London will get the unprecedented execution speed as well as faster market data from other exchanges opening up more arbitrage strategies. In essence, our clients pay less for faster and reliable execution”

ZUBR will enhance its compliance and due diligence measures using tools like risk scoring and transaction tracking through the Crystal Blockchain platform, an analytics and investigative division of Bitfury designed to bolster due diligence and track bad actors in the blockchain space.

As of March 2020, Crystal database considers wallets managed by ZUBR exchange to have a “Trusted Exchange” label, meaning that this entity is running AML/KYC checks on all onboarded customers according to FATF and AMLD5 recommendations for digital asset businesses.

ZUBR is also the first live digital derivatives platform to  have been successfully tested by Exactpro, a specialist firm focused on quality assurance for exchanges, clearing houses and security depositories, used by regulated financial market infrastructures in twenty countries across six continents.

In order to assess the quality and performance of the trading and risk engine behind the ZUBR platform, and to provide transparency to ZUBR’s clients and investors, a thorough software testing process was implemented and followed.

ZUBR publishes regular reports and analytics examining price fluctuations, volumes, price discovery, trading patterns and other market problems. You can find them here:

The company is currently pursuing European regulation.