IDX Crypto Opportunity Index Down 55bps in September vs. -9.6% for GBTC.

PHOENIX /PRNewswire/ — The IDX Crypto Opportunity Index (COIN), which seeks to provide opportunistic exposure to bitcoin by way of the Greyscale Trust (GBTC) was down 55bps (on a gross basis) in September compared to GBTC which lost over 9%.

The index is designed to dynamically allocate between GBTC and fixed income ETFs (via the IDX Tactical Fixed Income Index) and has been entirely allocated to the Tactical Fixed Income Index since 8/15/2019.

Ben McMillan, founding partner and CIO of IDX Insights said, “We believe that long-only exposure to bitcoin is not the most efficient option but investors have lacked a systematic manner in which to dynamically allocate to crypto-assets. Since launching on the SmartX platform on July 1st, 2019, we are pleased with how COIN has demonstrated its ability to provide efficient, risk-managed exposure to bitcoin. As crypto-assets continue to become institutionalized, we believe more investors will look for risk-conscious ways to gain exposure to this asset class particularly in a world of negative interest rates and elevated geo-political uncertainty.”

Evan Rapoport, founder and CEO of SMArtX Advisory Solutions said, “We have been seeing increased demand from Advisors who want to provide clients exposure to cryptocurrency but have been unable to do so due to the lack of custodial options and inherent volatility associated with the asset class. The IDX Crypto Opportunity Index can help to solve both of these issues. SMArtX was first to offer long/short strategies to advisors in a UMA structure and is proud to work with IDX to offer pioneering Crypto strategies to the advisor marketplace.”

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