Former NYSE, LSE Execs Create Capital Markets Development Initiative

Former NYSE and LSE Executives Combine Forces To Create Capital Markets Development Initiative

New York, NY (February 22, 2021) – 

Barriers in capital markets have been lowered, in terms of access, speed, and geography. The increased integration of global capital markets allows investors to easier access and deploy capital abroad. However, international competition and market players’ expectations increased as well. While tech and digital trading has decentralized financial markets on a domestic level, globalization of trade has fueled multiple financial hubs – beyond the usual suspects of London, New York and Hong Kong. In this world, the increased integration of capital markets will be key for investors, other market players and the economy as a whole. 

To answer to that imperative, Global Markets Advisory GroupGalileo Advisors and Zero Beta are pleased to announce the launch of a specialized consultancy, the Capital Markets Development Initiative (“CMDI”). The CMDI will offer expert advice to governmental bodies, regulatory agencies, development banks, and market participants across the globe on planning, enhancing, and developing stronger capital markets infrastructures and on streamlining markets to better compete in the ever-growing global economy.  

“The CMDI members are seasoned market practitioners, mostly former colleagues of the NYSE, who have sharpened their skills working for the most successful and admired markets in the world,” said Georges Ugeux, CEO of Galileo Advisors and one of the founders of the CMDI group. “The CMDI concentrates that unparalleled wealth of knowledge into a single point of contact for clients who need to build strong regulatory, technological and operational processes that can attract and nurture foreign direct investment. We as a group are uniquely well-positioned to cover the intersectionality of these needs.”

Louis Pastina, managing member at Global Markets Advisory Group and founding member of the CMDI, said “Interconnected markets make it easier for investors to find you, but they’ll still bypass you if your market structure doesn’t look familiar or fair. CMDI can help clients adjust their markets and regulations to be more competitive.”

Drawing on practical real-life experience in planning, building and sustaining global marketplaces, the CMDI team can guide clients in a broad array of market development enhancements, including:

  • Capital market development and modernization
  • Market regulation and enforcement, supporting local currency and market activity, and enabling innovation while keeping markets safe and reliable
  • Market technology and infrastructure, including creating more efficient and safe transaction environments
  • Equity exchange development and technology-driven agile transformation
  • Best practices for listed company governance standards, including ESG and sustainability disclosure
  • Capital markets training and education programs that expand and enrich investor bases

The CMDI’s professionals include former exchange executives at the NYSE and LSE responsible for market making, trading operations, technology development, regulation, compliance, international listings, and listings compliance. With backgrounds in multiple cultures and capital markets segments, CMDI is providing help with the development of sound and efficient capital markets worldwide. 

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