Former New York Observer Editors Launch Cryptocurrency News Site

Two seasoned business editors have launched a news site offering fresh insight and analysis into the red-hot cryptocurrency markets and blockchain technologies.

Modern Consensus ( is the brainchild of Ken Kurson, who was editor in chief of the legendaryNew York Observerfrom 2013 to 2017.

There are massive gaps in reporting on cryptocurrency and blockchain news, said Kurson. Readers are looking for intelligent, focused, and engaging reporting of the blockchain and cryptocurrency space – not just the technology but the people behind the technology – and Modern Consensus will provide exactly that.

Lawrence Lewitinn, who recently served as theObserversdeputy editor and business & technology senior editor, is the editor in chief of Modern Consensus.

Were on the cusp of a radical shift in how the world defines and accounts for financial interactions, said Lewitinn. Thats the very fabric of society and culture everywhere. Yet coverage has been relegated to a few niche sites and a handful of reporters here and there at the larger news organizations.

The sites name is taken from the consensus mechanism that many blockchains use to verify transactions.

Joining Kurson and Lewitinn are General Manager Kevin Sanders, who will handle all business elements of the site including ad sales, and contributing reporter Dylan Love, who was previously a tech reporter for International Business Times, The Daily Dot, and Business Insider.

Im approaching 10 years in technology and cryptocurrency reporting, said Love. Im thrilled to be shining a spotlight on this contentious, dramatic arena.

Ken Kurson led the transformation of theObserverto become a digitally focused, national outlet growing from 1.1 million monthly unique users to 6 million and increasing monthly page views from 3 million to 20 million. An accomplished author, Kurson wrote the money coverage forEsquiremagazine for 17 years, including his story in 2013 about bitcoin, which was an early mention of the currency in the mainstream media and the very first mention of ripple in the mainstream media. Kurson serves on the board of directors of Ripple. He was also the founder of Green Magazine, a personal finance site, which he and partner John Packel sold to publicly traded for a seven-figure exit.

Before his stint at theObserver, Lawrence Lewitinn was a writer and producer with Yahoo Finance and CNBC. He spent two decades on Wall Street before reporting on it. Lewitinn managed the Asian and European markets desk for quantitative-oriented hedge fund MQS Asset Management. He began his career as a foreign exchange trader with then-fledgling Millennium Partners, LP (today Millennium Management, LLC), now one of the largest hedge funds in the world.