MSCI Aims to Develop Innovative Tools for Digital Assets Investors

Investor interest in digital assets has grown significantly over the last few years.

Emerging blockchain technology and digital assets have shown a potential to reshape and advance the traditional world of finance – unlocking significant market efficiencies, powering the next generation of financial products and increasing global access to secure, transparent and equitable financial services.

“Institutional investors are eager to get exposure to this emerging asset class,” according to an MSCI spokesperson.

As this demand grows, MSCI has recognized a need for robust frameworks and analytical tools to provide insights into performance, risk, and classification within this emerging asset class.

Earlier this month, MSCI announced a collaboration with Menai Financial Group, a provider of institutional-grade digital asset investment products and trading services.

“Menai is a leading provider of digital asset investment products and trading services,” said MSCI.

“We will leverage their expertise in digital assets to support the development of tools and solutions institutional investors need to navigate this market.”

“As we talk to our clients about the digital asset space, we understand that investor interest is only accelerating, and there is demand for tools to help understand this new asset class and its underlying technology.” 

According to Zoe Cruz, Founder and CEO of Menai Financial Group, institutional players are keen to participate in the digital asset markets, but have historically struggled to find the means to do so in a way that meets the high standards of professionalism, scale, risk management, security and rigor required by traditional financial markets. 

“We are thrilled to see a sophisticated, norm-setting player like MSCI enter the digital asset space and are honoured that they have chosen Menai as one of their partners in this endeavour. We look forward to working together with MSCI as it provides institutional investors with transparent, secure and efficient solutions to help navigate the digital assets space,” she said.

MSCI has been committed to helping investors navigate change and innovation in financial markets for decades. 

“Expanding our offering to this rapidly evolving asset class is a natural extension of that commitment,” MSCI said.

Leveraging Menai’s expertise in the digital assets space, MSCI will aim to develop tools and solutions that institutional investors need to navigate the digital assets market, understand the risks and challenges, and capitalize on emerging opportunities and developments as the rapidly growing industry drives technological change.

“We will publicly announce once these tools are available,” MSCI said.

When asked if MSCI is looking into other collaborations in the digital asset space, a spokesperson said: “MSCI will publicly share more information as available.”