TradeZero America Adds Stock Locate Sell Ability To Trading Platforms

TradeZero America, a Brooklyn, New York-based online broker dealer, announced a new functionality to help minimize overall investor costs. All web and desktop versions of the TradeZero commission-free trading platforms now have the ability to not only buy locates on hard to borrow stocks, but also to sell or mark for credit unused or no longer wanted locates for credit.

Our new patent-pending sell functionality has the net effect of increasing locate share supply for our customers, while also reducing overall costs for those locates, said Michael Haupt, CEO of TradeZero America.

TradeZero America provides commission-free stock trading, with direct access to US stock and options market centers and professional-level tools for retail investors. TradeZero Americas stock locate feature is built into all of its platforms, making it easier and simpler for the individual investor to locate hard to borrow shares for stock shorting.

There are many challenges facing investors today. Two of the greatest challenges are maintaining relationships with financial institutions that provide access to powerful trading tools so that when an opportunity presents itself an investor can execute on the idea, regardless of whether its long or short, Haupt said

If youre as vigilant as I am, you may find yourself studying the markets at 4am, prior to the European open, when news hits that will impact certain sectors in the US. Why not be able to go long the DJA, SPY or a specific stock? he said.

We hope to further distinguish TradeZero America from our competitors by offering all of our customers the ability to buy and sell hard to borrow locate shares, Haupt said.

In addition to commission free trading, professional grade tools and direct market center access, TradeZero America offers extended trading hours, from 7am to 8pm ET.