TECHNOLOGY: Hudson Fiber Reduces Latency with RF Wireless System

Fast just got faster.

Hudson Fiber Network, a provider of ultra-low latency fiber network solutions for traders, launched its fastest network data route between its NJ2 data center in Weehawkin, N.J. center and the NY4 data center in nearby Secaucus, N.J. The new route is delivered via wireless RF technology through HFN’s exclusive partnership with ULL Networks and is reported to be 50 percent faster than prior networks.

According to HFN, testing on the ultra-low latency RF wireless path has confirmed a latency metric of 32 microseconds RTD at the Gig level and 34.5 microseconds RTD at the sub-Gig level.

“We continue to see massive demand for ultra network performance and redundancy delivered across the fastest paths available,” said Brett Diamond, president of HFN. “We are proud to deliver this new industry standard by leveraging advanced wireless capabilities that strategically enhance purpose-built advantages for enterprise and financial clients. Our exclusive relationship with ULL enables us to maximize these advantages through wireless and hybrid offerings not available with other providers.”

HFN will offer a highly flexible portfolio of ultra-low latency RF wireless services on the route, including bandwidth options from 10MB to Gig E and ranging from month-to-month up to three-year agreements, giving its customers more agility and diversity to ensure security and performance.