Sterling Trading Tech Offers Transparent Algo Trading with Clearpool Group

Sterling Trading Tech (STT) announced the integration of Clearpool Groups algorithmic trading suite in STTs buy-side platform, Sterling Trader Elite. The Sterling Trader Elite platform will provide Clearpool Group traders sophisticated algorithmic trading and advanced order management tools.

Sterling Trading Tech provides the professional trading community with a variety of trading platforms, risk and compliance tools, and infrastructure solutions. We are excited to partner with Clearpool Group to offer our clients the built-in transparency Clearpools algorithms provide, said Jim Nevotti, President of STT. We have been rapidly expanding our institutional product offering as buy-side firms increasingly look for more cost effective and more trader-friendly solutions. Clearpool algos are a great addition to our always expanding trading network.

STT platforms currently process 5% of the daily US equity volume and are used in over 30 countries to trade international financial markets around the world. Sterling Trading Techs buy-side platform solution, Sterling Trader Elite, offers custom algo order entry, advanced block order staging, post-trade allocation tools, and multi-broker, multi-clearing firm support.

In the coming weeks, Sterling Trading Tech will announce the implementation of additional algo trading partnerships. STTs rapid response architecture allows STT to create and execute custom algo integrations for any broker offering algorithmic trading. All integrations are custom and designed to each brokers specifications.