QuantHouse to Offer ICE Futures Implied Range of Prices

QuantHouse clients will soon start to benefit from 3 new ICE market data feeds, available via QuantHouse’s unique API:

  • ICE Futures EU Commodities (Implied Range) (1295:ICH)
  • ICE Futures EU Financials (Implied Range) (1262:ICF)
  • ICE Futures US – US Softs & Financials (Implied Range) (1296:ICI)

This move will allow subscribers to access implied prices further on the futures curve on all contracts traded on these feeds, and offer them a unique advantage against broadcast-only subscribers. The 3 new feeds complement the existing ICE feeds:

  • ICE Futures EU Commodities (1041:ICE)
  • ICE Futures EU Financials (1175:ICL)
  • ICE Futures US – US Softs & Financials (1042:ICU)

The full list of contracts for which this functionality is availabletogether with further information on ICE implied prices can be found here.