GMAG Supports Plia in New Service Launch

Urvin.Compliance and the Plato Partnership have collaborated on the launch of Plia, a modern, web-based platform which digitizes and standardizes the Request-For-Information (RFI) process that occurs between clients, buy side firms and sell side firms in the financial services industry. Seizing on the opportunity to create a digital process for firms to share information, standardize information requests, store the information and create a process around changes that may occur over time; Plia does all that and more.

Plia enables firms to modernize their due diligence process and practices, and means the end of excel and word documents flying back and forth, emails that can no longer be found, and overlooked updates. Plia has launched a modern web-based application that centralizes due diligence of counterparties, along with many other counterparty management and best execution features. This makes the due diligence process less fraught with inefficiency and peril and more focused on getting down to business. It reduces risk for all firms involved, and finally provides functionality to streamline and centralize best execution processes.

Global Markets Advisory Group (“GMAG”) and Plia are proud to announce their partnership. GMAG brings a depth of regulatory and compliance experience to bear in assisting firms with Plia’s implementation, along with many other related compliance services.  The GMAG team has years of experience at SROs, FINRA, consulting firms and brokerage firms, and will assist Urvin.Compliance in guiding users through the onboarding process and delivering key services to Plia users.

Together, the firms look forward to serving the financial service industry’s compliance, regulatory and due diligence needs.