FXCM Implements New Index Trading Backend Technology

One vendor has upgraded its index market making technology to help traders execute their foreign exchange trades more efficiently.

FXCM , an online provider of foreign exchange (FX) trading and related services, announced that is has upgraded its Index CFD and Spread Bet market making technology which enhances its index trading offering.

FXCM has implemented a new high-frequency market making technology on its backend system for indices. As a result FXCM will be able to manage index order flow and positions, prices and risk with greater accuracy and more efficiently. As an example FXCM will have the option to take those clients who scalp aggressively, trade news events and use automated strategies and instantaneously hedge these positions with the futures market.

Advantages of using the FXCM platform, as told by FXCM:
– No Stop and Limit Trading Restrictions on Most Indices: Place stops, limits and entry orders without any minimum distance restrictions.
– Lower Spreads: Lower spreads on popular indexes like the US30 at 2 pips.
– No Re-quotes: Trade index CFD and Spread Bets with fast and efficient trade execution without expensive re-quotes.

Trading Indexes offers access to a range of markets where clients can diversify their trading strategies across uncorrelated instruments to currencies as well as taking advantage of global market opportunities. Popular Stock Indices include GER30, US30, AUS200 and US30.