DeskTrading Unveils XDesk Proprietary SMA Trading Platform

DeskTrading, a leader in innovative Separately Managed Accounts (SMA) technology based in Hong Kong, officially unveils XDesk – the brand new SMA trading platform for the retail Forex market. The new platform will revolutionize trading portfolios managed by in-house experts to help clients grow their investments.

Part of the XDesk Platform, Smart Portfolios have been created to provide an intelligent, technology-powered, transparent and fully-customized approach to trading portfolio management by allocating funds across various asset classes and trading strategies based on each client’s individual risk tolerance.

Suitable for conservative, moderate and aggressive investors, the SMA-based technology allows users to build trading strategies based on their risk profile and a set of predefined policies, making it easier for portfolio managers to manage assets on behalf of third parties or for investors to better manage their portfolios internally.

The significant growth of SMAs has been powered by a greater demand for service by investors, with separately managed accounts being responsible for over a trillion dollars in total investment advisory assets in the first quarter of 2017.

Moving forward into 2020, the demand for SMAs is rising further still, with investors seeking greater diversification, customisation and control in order to fine-tune their portfolios to better align with investment objectives.

Alex Gruber, Head Trader of the EU Trading Desk at DeskTrading said, “Individual investors have individual needs; therefore Smart Portfolios have been created to provide a far more tailored approach to SMAs than ever before. The ability to fully customize each portfolio to better align with financial goals helps clients take greater control of their investments and provides the transparency and ease of use the industry has been crying out for.”

“Although SMAs aren’t a new concept, our Smart Portfolios technology takes things a stage further in a bid to revolutionise how investment portfolios are managed. We also provide users with the added advantage of having internal experts select the criteria for best portfolio performance.

“Not only does this allow investment portfolios to be better controlled in-house, essentially removing the middleman for the equation, but Smart Portfolio users can quickly and easily change their selection criteria across accounts by simply logging into their master account from any Internet-connected device worldwide and using the innovative new XDesk Portfolio Builder tool.”

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