Crex Announces the Launch of Live, In-Flight FX Trade Impact Analysis Tool

The C rex Group, a New York City-based institutional foreign exchange execution services and data analytics company, announced the introduction of the FX market’s first streaming, in-flight trade impact analysis tool. This new capability allows C rex’s customers to monitor their live trade executions when employing bank algorithms that are pointed at C rex’s best execution, no last look liquidity pool. When combined with C rex’s robust pre-trade analytics, this new tool allows customers to assess whether the algorithm selected is performing in an optimal manner given the existing market conditions. This in-flight intelligence enables a trader to measure the effectiveness of their trading decision and moderate, adapt or change that decision based on live performance.

Commenting on this market innovation, Jamie Singleton, C rex Group Chairman and CEO said, “Our singular mission and commitment to the buy side is to improve the quality of their FX trading outcomes. We were the leader in promoting powerful, integrated pre-trade tools. We were the leader in promoting FX benchmarks that weren’t based on Fix methodology. And now we are the first to introduce in-flight trading analytics that capture actual market volatility and track trading performance in that environment in the context of selected algo alternatives. We feel this advancement is a game changer for our customers and the reception from them so far has been outstanding.”

Franz Schmidpeter, C rex Group Senior Managing Director added, “Having the ability to measure market impact and execution strategy while trading should be the objective of every trader who cares about best execution. Over time C rex will build a data set that can be used to help inform prospective trading decisions in markets with different volatilities and other characteristics. Making traders better informed is our mission.”

About C rex Group
C rex Group Holdings, LLC is a foreign exchange focused execution services and data analytics provider. Our singular focus is to improve the FX experience for every buy side institution. C rex operates an FX ECN with robust no last look liquidity and complete transparency. Our unique market and trading analytics delivers meaningful intelligence to our customers. Our FTSE C rex FX Benchmarks provide real time measurements to assess trading results and provide valuation metrics. Our mission is to work in partnership with our clients to add unparalleled clarity to all their foreign exchange activities. Our process and approach deliver demonstrable “best execution” outcomes that are auditable and support our customers’ efforts to make better trading decisions. C rex is headquartered in New York City and independently owned and operated. For more information, visit