BATS Global Consolidates Exchange Data onto Single Central Platform

The more one overtakes the technology plumbing, the easier it is to stop up the proverbial drain.

In order to reduce its technology marketplace footprint, BATS Global has announced it has placed all five of its exchanges in a single data center, on its own single proprietary technology system. The move to the Equinix NY5 data center in Secaucus, New Jersey, was the result of an 18 month migration process that included BATS purchasing rival exchange Direct Edge.

BATS spokesman told Traders that despite the complexity of the move, its U.S. equity market share for May-to-date (21.6%) is actually running ahead of April, which was the bourse’s second-best month in its history.

“With this successful migration completed, our customers can realize the benefits of having all five of the BATS U.S. equity and options markets in a single-data center with greater efficiencies and reduced infrastructure costs,” said Chris Isaacson, executive vice president and global chief information officer for BATS. “The seamless manner of these Exchange moves attests to the hard work of our team and our customers to ensure successful transitions with no disruption to investors or the market. We thank our members for their support as we continue to strive to make markets better.”

On Monday May 4th, the BZX and BYX Equity Exchanges were migrated to NY5 with customer participation at 100%.

As a result of the switchover to NY5, on Monday the BZX and BYX Exchanges handled 1.153 billion messages with zero operational downtime. Average latency was 86 microseconds on BZX and 80 microseconds on BYX, representing a decrease from Friday May 1st of 46% and 12%, respectively.

Earlier this year, the EDGX and EDGA Exchanges moved to NY5 (January 12th), followed by BATS Options on April 13th.

Down the pike, BATS plans to move its recently acquired Hotspot FX venue to the same data center later this year.