Jordan & Jordan Partners with Jim Northey for CAT Reporting for Options

New York, NY — June 29, 2020: Jordan & Jordan (J&J), a leading financial technology company that provides regulatory compliance, market data, and trading solutions across the securities industry, is continuing to expand their Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) subject matter expertise through a partnership with Jim Northey.

Northey will focus on assisting clients with their preparations to meet CAT Phase 2b and Phase 2d options reporting obligations.

He has been an active collaborator with J&J over the years and an invaluable resource to the FIX Trading Community. Jim serves as Co-chair of the Global Technical Committee for the FIX Trading Community and as Chair for the ISO TC68 Committee. His extensive career in options includes work with the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the Options Clearing Corporation, J&J and FIX. Notably, Jim helped develop and integrate the FIX AB (Multi-Leg) message into the FIX protocol, which has become the default standard by which Multi-Leg options orders are routed between customers, brokers, and exchanges.

As Tom Jordan, President of J&J, noted, “Options will be more difficult than equities. Equities had the OATS model, Options does not, and FIX messages will be more critical. Jim’s expertise with Options and FIX is the perfect recipe to assist our clients with Phase 2b and Phase 2d implementations.”

Northey joins a Compliance Technology Team that is a FINRA recognized CAT Reporting Agent (CRA) as well as provides automated validation testing for CAT.