The LifeCycle Trade Study Examines Super Growth Stocks

In the wake of the worst year for stocks since 2008 and the worst December since the Great Depression, a research team of investors (Boboch, Donnelly, Krull, Daill) has released never-before-seen findings on the behavior and lifecycle patterns of high-performing growth stocks. The study, the results of which have been summarized in the book The Lifecycle Trade: How to Win at Trading IPOs and Super Growth Stocks, provides revelatory statistics on how to find big, winning stocks early. Written by a team of experienced traders and leveraging extensive proprietary primary research, the study reveals a unique methodology to identify tradeable patterns early and to implement buy, hold, and sell strategies to help investors find and profit from the next Amazon early in its lifecycle.

Prominent traders already are singing the study’s praises. Legendary stock trader Dan Zanger lauded the study, saying “A fabulous read for anyone wanting to get an understanding of how to jump on a large, winning IPO and avoid getting ruined by Wall Street’s pump-and-dump scheme, which can ruin the average investor.” Jack Schwager, renowned author of the Market Wizards series, captures the essence of some of the startling statistics revealed in The Lifecycle Trade: “This succinct volume dispels some of the misconceptions about IPOs and should serve as a useful aid in navigating the treacherous waters of IPO trading and in formulating your own trading plan for these unique stocks.World-class trader and bestselling author Peter Brandt says, “As a career futures and forex trader, I have always been intrigued by growth stocks, but never developed the skill to identify the 10X or 20X winners. The Lifecycle Trade is the first book I have read that could help an equities trader gain that skill in a methodical and systematic way. Kudos to the authors for putting a bookend to the earlier works by Peter Lynch.” Leading trading psychologist, author, and trader Brett Steenbarger adds, “An important idea conveyed by the authors is that stocks follow a lifecycle pattern from IPO-infancy to maturation. Understanding where a stock is in its lifecycle provides important clues as to how to trade and invest.”

Traders resolving to enhance their skills in the New Year will find that The Lifecycle Trade provides unique insight into the behavior of Super Growth Stocks starting with their initial public offerings. With several high-profile companies such as Uber and Airbnb rumored to go public in 2019, the publication of The Lifecycle Trade as a new resource for investors couldn’t be timelier. The Lifecycle Trade is now available for purchase on Amazon. The Lifecycle Trade is perfect for your favorite traders, and might be just what they’re looking for to start the New Year right.