FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY: Security Traders Association of Wisconsin 33rd Annual Convention

It was 10 years ago that Lehman Brothers became the first casualty of the financial crisis.

And while the event could be viewed as catastrophic for the bond markets and even thought to exacerbate the subprime housing crisis, equity traders basked in sunlight. Increased volatility and investors seeking a liquid market traded stocks – and lots of them. brokers made money hand-over-fist and commissions would begin an ascent not seen since.

Life was good for the stock market.

Amid this backdrop, traders got together in the Midwest far away from the bi-coastal worries of New York’s Wall Street or Calabasas, California and enjoyed a one-day summit inMilwaukee,WI onSeptember 17 th at the Wisconson STA’s 33rd annual conference. Traders Magazine was there to capture the smiles and fishing that marked the day.

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