Trading Tech: SunGards MarketMap Adds Market Data Content

In an update, users of the market data solution can now view content from a selection of social sentiment, reputational risk, short interest, and company research providers.

The MarketMap terminal will now aggregate data from new sources, such as social sentiment from Heckyl, which tracks and provides users with alerts on mood changes in the market toward a companys value before any price movement takes place. Other sources include RepRisk Index (RRI), which captures and quantifies the reputational risk exposure of companies across sectors and countries related to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, and helps mitigate reputational and financial risks.

Traders will have access to SunGards Astec Analytics Borrower Activity Rating, which identifies the most actively borrowed stocks in the market through an easy-to understand indicator of short-interest. The can also access the BATS One Feed, which provides a comprehensive view of reference quotes and trade data from all four BATS U.S. equities exchanges

Market data is readily available. The differentiating value for a market data provider is to help their clients extract unique or unusual insights that enable them to uncover new market opportunities. Although many data providers and aggregators offer similar services, the ones who equip their users to gain faster access to information, along with the ability to quickly translate it into targeted areas of potential profit, will become the go to service, said Douglas B. Taylor, founder and managing partner ofBurton-TaylorInternational Consulting.

There are enormous opportunities to dig deeper and wider to leverage broader access to unique value-add content and provide more value to customers. Such insights can lurk in all sorts of places currently present in existing platforms but are yet to be discovered. SunGards investment in unique content helps provide more advanced tools to make the data more relevant to meet more sophisticated client demands, said Harald Bina, head of productmanagement, SunGards global trading business.