TRADERS TECH: ITG Unveils ITG Execution Analysis

The new tool aims to deliver greater insight into fill level data and algorithm usage.

Independent broker, financial technology provider and dark pool operator ITG announced the launch of ITG Execution Analysis. This web-based analytics tool is designed for clients seeking additional insights into their fill-level data and broker-neutral algorithm usage.

According to an ITG press statement, Through the use of FIX-based, fill-level data, ITG Execution Analysis focuses on algorithm usage, spread capture, venue and broker reporting, as well as other key execution level metrics.

“ITG Execution Analysis is an important addition to our suite of analytics tools,” said Ian Domowitz, managing director and head of analytics at ITG. “Its designed to allow users to perform in-depth analysis of their post-trade, fill-level data with ease. Users can seamlessly jump from broker to venue to algorithm analyses, among others, with just the click of a mouse.”

ITG claims that its Execution Analysis delivers custom data selection with filter settings and date ranges. Traders can quickly spot areas of interest in dashboard summary views or delve more deeply into their order grid, reads the statement. ITG Execution Analysis allows users to focus on orders of interest on a P&L distribution graph, or against their peers orders to observe their performance using totally customizable display preferences.