Object Trading Platform Goes Live at TMX Groups Co-Location Center

This expansion is designed to allow both the buyside and sellside access liquidity.

Object Trading has expanded its Direct Market Access (DMA) service platform by making it available at TMX Groups co-location center for access to the Montral Exchange.

This expansion is available to the buyside and sellside to access liquidity. Object Tradings clients now have production access to seven co-location centers and more than 60 global markets.

Object Tradings platform also allows the buyside traders to provide their own market access, independent of their prime service relationships, choosing specialist FCMs that best serve their account size, leverage requirements, geographical, and asset class needs.

Our conformed broker community has its execution, clearing, and risk management infrastructure in place, and its related client onboarding processes active, on the Object Trading platform, said Dan Hubscher, Object Tradings Director of Strategy.

In October 2015, Object Trading announced the co-location of its managed software, client gateways and global connectivity in the Australian Liquidity Centre (ALC), ASXs data center.