Delta One Announces New Data for ETF Platform

Delta One Data, a provider of exchange-traded fund data and indexes, is launching two new data base modules for its EFT aggregation platform to help buyside traders see more data quickly.

The first new reference data module includes all exchange-traded products across European and Asian markets. The second module combines global exchange holidays, settlement dates and trading hours into a single database. The data is fed directly into SOLA, the firm’s ETF database, collated and cross-referenced for the buyside user.

This means that traders can more easily search across a range of identifiers to find ETFs which fit their requirements, according to Bernie Thurston, chief executive at Delta One Data. Required trading information such as inception date, total expense ratio and performance can also be defined, he added.

“This is the next stage in the evolution of the SOLA database,” Thurston said. “As well as enabling complex structuring tasks, it simplifies previously complicated operations and only looks at actual trading hours no matter the exchange or geography.”

Combined with the view of global exchange trading hours and settlement days also integrated into the platform, he added, this functionality automatically allows for times when exchanges are closed, eliminating failed trades, unnecessary administrative expenses and extra interest payments.

Delta One Data standardizes all of the FTSE, MSCI, Russell, Topix and Stoxx indexes into standard calculation methodologies.

The modules are being rolled out to current clients and will go live during late May.