Wall Street Women Awards: Last Day to Nominate

Traders Magazine is counting down the days until nominations for the Second Annual Wall Street Women Awards will be accepted. Today is the last day to nominate the woman or women of your choice.

All nominations are due by September 24.

This year’s event, Wall Street Women: A Celebration of Excellence, will be held on November 7 at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City.

Please click here to visit the Wall Street Women website for nomination forms, registration information and a list of last year’s winners.

Trader’s Magazine’s Wall Street Women Awards will be given in nine categories with honorees from the buyside and sellside selected in most categories.

Award categories are as follows:

Excellence in Leadership: Presented to a woman who demonstrates exemplary leadership and exceptional performance throughout her career. This individual, selected by the Advisory Committee, is such an outstanding professional that she qualifies for multiple award categories and is considered to be the standard bearer for women in the financial community.

Industry Trailblazers: This award is presented to high-performing Wall Street Women who broke the gender barrier when it came to trading and advancing up the career ladder on the buy and sell sides of the business. These trailblazers forged the opportunity for other women to become traders, managers and successful financial professionals.

Lifetime Achievements: Given to women with more than two decades of senior management experience on Wall Street and who have achieved the pinnacles of success and acted as role models to younger generations of women and men.

Entrepreneur of the Year: Given to women who have pursued, and succeeded, on an entrepreneurial path in the financial markets.

Mentor of the Year: Given to women who have shown dedication to the cause of mentoring other women in financial services.

Charitable Works: For women who devote considerable resources and energy to philanthropic causes.

Crystal Ladder: For women who began in an entry-level job in a financial firm and climbed steadily through the ranks to reach senior management.

Rising Stars: Recognizing today’s and tomorrow’s leaders. The Rising Star Award is intended for high-impact professionals who will continue to lead the industry in the next generation.

Diversity Achievement Award: This award will be presented to two firms that demonstrate focused efforts and quantitative and qualitative results in the area of achieving gender diversity in the executive ranks.