HSBC Launches Post-Trade Marketplace

HSBC launched HSBC MarketSpace, a platform that enables clients to access post-trade services and solutions from HSBC and other third party service providers. This innovative approach allows clients to choose and connect seamlessly to their preferred service providers, with the ability to select products and services best suited to their needs.

Instead of having to establish and maintain a complex network of bilateral relationships throughout the post-trade value chain, HSBC MarketSpace offers multilateral connectivity to services and data. Our open architecture allows partners to develop services directly on the platform, presenting a new distribution channel to bring innovative post-trade solutions to life more quickly. 

Leveraging HSBC’s extensive custody network and securities services capabilities, the platform enables participants to build on the latest technologies and data to create and monetise ideas in a rapid and cost-effective manner.

Stephen Pemberton, Global Head of Product Management, Direct Custody & Clearing, Markets & Securities Services at HSBC said: “With the launch of HSBC MarketSpace, we have reimagined the post-trade landscape and created an innovative, digital ecosystem. Capitalising on our unique strengths, we’ve built a single entry platform that allows our clients to access the best post-trade services available from HSBC and others. We lower the cost of experimentation, enabling rapid innovation and commercialisation.”

Source: HSBC