Goldman Chooses Redline Router

Redline Trading Solutions, a provider of high-speed trading products for high-frequency traders, was chosen by Goldman Sachs as the data provider for the broker’s Sigma X dark pool.

Redline’s ticker plant, dubbed InRush, is providing the dark pool with National Best Bid and Offer data for Sigma X in as little as five microseconds.

According to Mark Skalabrin, chief executive officer at Redline, InRush reduces delays by calculating the NBBO from direct connections to the major exchanges in a single-server trading platform. By doing this, InRush eliminates the need for multiple levels of data redistribution thus speeding up the NBBO calculation.

"With InRush, Goldman’s clients benefit from receiving an ultra-low latency NBBO-calculation for every symbol on the wire," Skalabrin said.

Adam Mazur, managing director and co-head of business development for Goldman Sachs Electronic Trading, said Redline accelerates NBBO delivery for the firm’s customers and significantly reduces the broker’s hardware requirements.