BTIG Announces Plans to WFH Until 2021

BTIG announced today that they anticipate their U.S. offices will remain closed and that its employees will continue to work remotely throughout the remainder of 2020. As one of the first financial services firms to send its employees home to work remotely in early March 2020, BTIG continues to evaluate the ongoing pandemic and believes that in order to protect its employees, their families and its business operations that it will maintain its current work from home status across its U.S. offices.

Firm leadership has stated that until there is more clarity around the specific risks posed by indoor environments, the transmission of COVID-19, and how to provide a safe and healthy work environment, they do not anticipate a return to its offices in the near term. The firm has acknowledged that remote work will now play a prominent role in the culture at BTIG, and management is focusing on how it will enable employees to adapt to new methods of communication and collaboration.

BTIG initially targeted September for the start of a phased return to its 11 U.S.-based offices. Now, the firm has decided to wait and further monitor local re-openings in the states in which BTIG maintains offices before formalizing any specific re-opening plans. The decision applies to all staff, including the trading teams.

“The quick and committed pivot to remote work by all of our employees has been remarkable,” said Jennifer Mermel, Chief Operating Officer of BTIG. “There is no need for any immediate return to the office in any of our U.S. locations. Our staff is secure in their positions, business is operating without disruption, and client feedback has been strong. When the indicators change, BTIG will respond accordingly.”

“Employee safety and wellness is a top priority at BTIG,” stated Danielle Karpf, Managing Director and Head of Human Resources at BTIG. “While many of our team members miss direct interaction with colleagues, they recognize that we are taking the necessary steps to protect their health and well-being.”