BATS U.S. Equities Market Share Grows to 12 Percent in September

BATS Global Markets reported its U.S. equities matched market share has grown to 12.0 percent in September versus a 9.9 percent growth rate one year ago.

According to a release from BATS, this was the second-best month in company history with U.S. equities average daily matched volume hitting 1,021.1 million shares in September. This compares to September 2010 when U.S. equities reported average daily matched volume was 715.5 million shares.

The monthly U.S. market share record for BATS is 12.3 percent, which was recorded in August 2011.

BATS operates two stock exchanges in the U.S., BZX Exchange and BYX Exchange. Figures for 2010 figures reflect BZX volume only, as BYX was launched in October 2010.

BATS Options reported matched market share of 3.8 percent in September 2011 with average daily matched volume of 697,714 contracts. On September 22, the firm saw 1,142,571 contracts trade, the highest one-day matched contract volume for the month.

In comparison, in September 2010, BATS had an options market share of 0.4 percent with average daily matched volume of 57,636 contracts. 

Lastly, BATS said in the press release the company remains on track to launch its U.S. primary listings business in December 2011. As a new primary listings exchange, BATS will provide issuers an alternative for initial public offerings, stock listing transfers, and dual-listed securities.