Linedata Adopts Touchscreen Trading

Some buyside traders can now send orders without clicking on a mouse or tapping on a keyboard.

Order management system vendor Linedata Services has made its products touchscreen-compliant. The new technology will function on its LongView OMS, execution management system and its compliance application. Linedata wrote a new graphical user interface to enable the touch experience.

The touchscreen feature functions exactly like a computer’s mouse and keyboard. So, everything LongView customers could do before with a mouse they can now do by touching the screen, said Gavin Little-Gill, executive vice president of front office operations in North America for Linedata.

“The data itself exists in the LongView trading system today,” he said. “All we’re doing is showing it in a graphically rich way that lets people interact with it.”

The touchscreen technology lets traders customize how they want to visually arrange their work process in a more efficient way. For example, Little-Gill said, it can drill down into the trading process on-screen with multiple dials, graphics or charts to show how many orders are currently outstanding, where a desk’s overall exposure is, the distribution of orders by desk or what the top orders are by market value.

The firm recently started to market the touchscreen functionality. It awaits its first users. About 40 percent of Linedata’s clients are already compatible, Little-Gill said.


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