WEX Provides Complex Options Tech on Montreal Exchange

The Montréal Exchange is partnering with Wolverine Trading Technologies, LLC, a leading provider of premier execution technology, to provide Canadian Options Traders with access to enhanced complex order execution.

New Functionality Offered to Canadian Options Traders:

  • Electronic Trading Solutions to Create and Post Complex Orders
  • Advanced Algorithm Functionality 
  • Best Execution Capabilities

“Wolverine Trading Technologies is excited to offer an electronic trading solution to interact with the Montréal Exchange (MX) Equity Option Complex Order Book. Rather than legging a spread through two or more separate orders and taking unnecessary risk, a trader can now enter one spread order as a package reflecting the spread price the trader wants to achieve. This new partnership has allowed us to offer different mechanisms to minimize market impact and price slippage. We are eager for this opportunity and look forward to continuing to provide tools that allow traders to interact with the Montréal Exchange,” said Joe Sacchetti, Partner at Wolverine Trading Technologies.

“Montréal Exchange is proud to add Wolverine Trading Technology’s multi-leg option strategies to FIX AB, enabling participants to pursue complex trading strategies in a single order ticket,” said Luc Fortin, President and Chief Executive Officer of MX and Global Head of Trading, TMX Group. “We continue to work closely with our client partners here in Canada and around the world in an effort to build our markets stronger; with increased participation, enhanced liquidity and diversified offerings.”    

Traders can access the Montréal Exchange through the WEX Trading Platform, over FIX Protocol and through third party EMS or OMS providers.