S&P Intelligence Expands Data Suite with Machine Readable Filings


New York – April 9, 2020 — S&P Global Market Intelligence announced today the launch of S&P Global Machine Readable Filings, a new data offering that applies cleansing and parsing techniques to generate machine readable text extracted from SEC Regulatory Filings. As part of the growing suite of Textual Data, Machine Readable Filings can help investors and market participants better identify and interpret a company’s impact from unpredictable and timely events such as the current global health crisis.

The parsed textual data allows firms to drill down on both historical and new filings in near real-time on more than 35,000 active and inactive companies. The textual data within regulatory filings provides an additional source of business information that can generate critical insights, such as the impact of COVID-19 on a specific area of business.

Warren Breakstone, Managing Director and Chief Product Officer of Data Management Solutions at S&P Global Market Intelligence said, “With global disruption brought on by the COVID-19 crisis, our clients are looking for new insights and information to help them navigate market changes and complexities. Through the addition of Machine Readable Filings, our clients now have a new source of textual data which is pre-tagged, structured and organized for natural language processing and data mining techniques.”

For relevant market-moving situations such as COVID-19, Machine Readable Filings can leverage Natural Language Processing to look for directional indicators around references within filings. This can enable investors to create numerical scores for the level of impact COVID-19, assessing the magnitude of risk and business disruptions facing the company.

Machine Readable Filings accompanies Global Transcripts, Textual Data Analytics and SCRIPTS Asia as the fourth product in the growing suite of Textual Data available via Xpressfeed™, S&P Global Market Intelligence’s flagship data feed solution. All textual data is delivered in a structured format so clients can perform Natural Language Processing (NLP) against the data without having to spend time on document cleanup and data structuring.

S&P Global Machine Readable Filings was designed and built in collaboration with Social Market Analytics, Inc. (SMA) to further extend its deep global coverage of textual data.

Joe Gits, CEO of Social Market Analytics, Inc., added “We are pleased to work with S&P Global Market Intelligence on Machine Readable Filings — a new and groundbreaking product. As a leader in unstructured data across both traditional and alternative datasets, client demand for machine readable text with machine learning and natural language processing overlay continues to expand at a fast pace. Machine Readable Filings (MRF) will help the financial market more easily navigate the difficult market conditions in 2020 and beyond.”

Global Regulatory Filings and Reports will also be available via Xpressfeed™ in the future. To learn more about Xpressfeed, please click here.