Market Volatility Behind 35% Jump in Data Between Exchanges

RALEIGH, NC, United States – 20 March 2020 –  Extreme market movements, in all directions, are driving market participants to use high speed strategies to keep pace. Demand for Avelacom’s low latency network has seen unprecedented growth, with a 35% increase in volume of data transferred between exchanges in March. Demand from FX and cryptocurrency trading clients is particularly significant.

High speed strategies from banks, hedge funds, asset managers, broker dealers and proprietary trading firms all require high speed price discovery and immediate execution to take advantage of any price movement. Low latency global networks with best-in-breed hardware and sophisticated routes, such as provided by Avelacom on a global scale, facilitate this trading.

Avelacom provides resilient connections with all major exchanges and liquidity providers that ensure impressive latency improvement between APAC <> North America <> Europe.

E.g. Avelacom provides the following best-in market latency numbers (round-trip delay):

– London, Equinix’s LD4 <> Tokyo, ATTokyo 142.1ms,

– Hong Kong, HKEX <> Equinix’s FR2 144ms,

– Dublin, AWS <> Tokyo, AWS 152.1ms,

– Chicago, ICE/Bakkt markets <> Hong Kong, Alibaba 161.31ms.

Aleksey Larichev, CEO of Avelacom said: “Investors lose money when they lack knowledge of the market. There are lots of risks to consider in relation to this extremely volatile period that is spread across global markets. Our aim is to help financial services firms to get through all those price movements successfully, optimize the way they trade and get the best price when buying or selling financial assets.”