GAM Investments Streamlines Risk Management with Bloomberg Buy-side Workflow Solutions

GAM Investments, an independent pure-play asset manager, has adopted an integrated suite of Bloomberg buy-side workflow solutions to streamline risk and portfolio management across the enterprise.

David Dowsett

David Dowsett, Head of Investment at GAM, said: “By working with Bloomberg we have access to robust and easily scalable solutions that enable us to streamline our risk management processes across asset classes and portfolios.” 

“This also helps us to facilitate even greater collaboration between teams, resulting in efficiencies from better decision-making to deeper insights.”

The suite provides GAM with the ability to seamlessly manage market risk exposure and liquidity and investment risk, notably with Bloomberg’s new factor risk models.

Buy-side firms are increasingly looking for a technology partner that can help them manage portfolios and risks in a flexible and transparent way, generate alpha for clients and ensure they stay resilient in various market conditions.

Bloomberg’s integrated buy-side workflow solutions enable GAM’s traders, portfolio and risk managers to seamlessly manage strategies and portfolios throughout the full risk management process from pre-trade, intraday and end of day, to regulatory reporting. 

The offering covers asset classes ranging from simple cash assets to the most complex bespoke structures. It provides GAM with consistent and consolidated pricing and valuation services to assess and manage market risk exposure through a full revaluation engine, as well as liquidity and portfolio risks in all market environments.

The solutions adopted by GAM include:

MARS, Bloomberg’s Multi Asset Risk System, a suite of risk management solutions delivered on the Terminal and via APIs that enables front office, risk and collateral professionals to analyze trading and investment portfolios, manage portfolio exposure and market risk.

LQA, its Liquidity Assessment solution, uses Bloomberg’s robust financial datasets to provide a quantitative evaluation of market liquidity that is calibrated daily to quickly capture changing market conditions across multiple asset classes. The solution is also available “as a Service” to enable seamless integration of liquidity analytics throughout an enterprise facilitating regulatory compliance, and enhanced risk management and investment processes.

PORT Enterprise, its multi-asset portfolio and risk analytics solution, which GAM has been using since 2020, allowing the firm to benefit from the new MAC3 GRM (multi-asset class global risk model), an advanced suite of risk factor models that delivers forecast accuracy for all types of portfolios, universes, and investment styles.

Jose Ribas, Global Head of Risk and Pricing at Bloomberg, said: “Bloomberg’s offering combines multiple complementary solutions – pricing, risk analytics, market data – that amount to much more than the sum of those parts. We’re pleased to work with GAM Investments to provide them with our robust and flexible solutions, powered by the depth and quality of data and analytics that is synonymous with Bloomberg.”