Delphia Launches Digital Asset Ecosystem 

Delphia, an investment platform bridging the worlds of traditional and decentralized finance to help people build wealth by investing their data, has launched its digital asset ecosystem (the Ecosystem).

The Ecosystem brings new features to the Company’s investment platform by offering users rewards for contributing to the community, which will play an instrumental role in the development of various investment strategies.

The creation of Delphia’s digital asset ecosystem is the latest step the Company is taking to allow everyone to harness the economic value of data.

The Ecosystem will launch with a utility token, Phi ($PHI), to provide the Ecosystem participants with a reward for being active members of the community and future contributors to the Company’s data set.

The integration of token rewards, in combination with attaching value to data and Delphia’s industry-leading investment algorithms, will allow the Company to merge the worlds of traditional asset management and decentralized finance, creating a hybrid model spanning traditional and decentralized finance that levels the playing field between all classes of investors, from Main Street to Wall Street.

In order to earn PHI, members will participate in various signal-generating games that improve the Company’s data set, which is used to attract and identify new investment opportunities. 

Andrew Peek

Andrew Peek, CEO and Co-Founder of Delphia, said: “At Delphia, we’re on a mission to increase investor access to the economic value that gets created by our data, thereby increasing access to financial prosperity. Integrating the Ecosystem into the Delphia asset management platform will enable us to further incentivize people to share their data and increase the overall value of the data for those investing with Delphia.”

“The Ecosystem, as well as PHI, provide our investors with what we think is the best way to leverage their proprietary data and increase their returns.” 

At launch, PHI can be earned through Delphia’s initial data game, Consensus, where participants answer a series of questions on various consumer trends. The number of tokens earned will correlate to the skill of those who engage. 

In the near future, PHI held by members of the Ecosystem will give investors access to a broad spectrum of exclusive features, such as early access to trading strategies and overall enhancements to the in-app experience. Additional avenues for earning tokens, as well as new rewards, will be announced in the coming months.

Peek added: “PHI and the ecosystem it’s built on will allow us to merge the worlds of traditional and decentralized finance in a way not seen before. Delphia is built around collective action — a core belief of the digital asset industry at large — which made launching a token and data-centric ecosystem the next logical step in providing value to our investors.”

“We are excited to work directly with our community to enhance all aspects of the platform and provide investors greater access to the myriad of investment opportunities that can be derived from our collective data .”