Pragma Announces Agreement to Provide Polaris EMS to NYSE Floor Brokers

27 April 2022 – New York: Pragma Financial Systems LLC, an independent, global leader in multi-asset execution technology, announced today that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with the New York Stock Exchange to provide NYSE Equity Floor Brokers with Polaris, an advanced trading platform customized to the needs of the Floor Brokers and their clients. 

Pragma’s Polaris, a high-performance EMS, incorporates an HTML5 interface to provide the Floor Brokers with dynamic visualizations, customized alerting, complex workflows and algorithmic execution; and leverages the sequencer architecture to ensure low latency, determinism, redundancy and scalability. 

Josh Burch, Senior Director of Equity Product Development, NYSE said: “The New York Stock Exchange is committed to making sure our Floor Brokers have the most innovative tools to support their role in our unique market model, which combines critical human judgment and industry-leading technology. In particular, we are pleased that Pragma’s Polaris platform will be available to our Floor Broker community.” 

David Polen, Head of Software Product at Pragma said: “We believe that execution quality is critical, quantifiable and hard, and that Polaris will empower the Floor Brokers to provide better service to their clients. Pragma is excited to work with the NYSE to provide advanced workflow tools and algorithms to the Floor Broker community, helping them grow their business over the next decade.” 

David Mechner, CEO of Pragma said: “Pragma specializes in providing enterprise trading technology to meet unique and challenging needs. We are very pleased to have been selected by the NYSE, who we have enjoyed working with for over a dozen years, to deploy our capabilities to serve the Floor Broker community.” 


About Pragma 
Pragma is an independent, quantitative trading technology provider specializing in algorithmic and analytical services. Pragma’s broker-neutral, multi-asset trading solutions power traditional asset managers, hedge funds, broker-dealers, global banks, and exchanges. Pragma does not trade proprietarily or internalize order flow. For more information, please visit