Interactive Brokers Adds Overnight Trading Hours on IBEOS

Interactive Brokers, an automated global electronic broker, has launched Overnight Trading Hours on the IBKR Eos ATS (IBEOS), enabling clients to trade select US ETFs 23½ hours a day, five days a week. 

Steve Sanders

Clients of Interactive Brokers can now react immediately to market-moving news and conveniently trade at almost any time. In addition, Overnight Trading Hours on IBEOS will also benefit Interactive Brokers’ Asian clients seeking access to US Equity Markets during their trading day.

According to Steve Sanders, EVP of Marketing and Product Development at Interactive Brokers, the firm has a large client base in Asia with 39% of their client accounts in the APAC region.

“It was the main reason we introduced this offering,” he said. 

“As a truly global broker, Overnight Trading Hours gives Asian clients the opportunity to access US Equity Markets during their trading day and lets investors globally trade and respond to market-moving news at almost any time,” he told Traders Magazine.

Sanders said that global investors need to respond to market-moving news whenever it happens, not just during regular US market hours. 

“With Overnight Trading Hours on IBEOS, our individual and institutional clients now have greater flexibility when to trade and can take advantage of investment opportunities around the clock,” he commented.  

Interactive Brokers offers Overnight Trading on IBEOS in the following 24 widely-held US ETFs: FXI, SPY, EEM, GLD, SLV, DIA, UNG, TLT, IWM, QQQ, USO, SH, RWM, PSQ, AGG, DOG, EWA, EFA, EWJ, IJH, VTI, XLF, XLE, and XLK. 

Overnight Trading Hours on IBEOS are from 8:00 pm ET to 3:30 am ET, with the first session of the week beginning on Sunday at 8:00 pm ET and the last session of the week ending on Friday at 3:30 am ET. 

Any trades occurring during Overnight Trading Hours will be settled on schedule as if they had occurred during the next US stock regular trading hours session. 

All clients with US Stock trading permission will have access to Overnight Trading on IBEOS and can take advantage of multiple order types and free overnight market data.

“We will see how this goes and if there is a good response and client demand, we will consider adding other asset classes,” Sanders concluded.