CANNABIS CORNER: Most Important Women in the Cannabis Industry in 2019

The cannabis industry may seem like a male-dominated industry, but the truth is that women are holding a lot more executive positions here than anywhere else. According to studies, in 2018, women held around 36% of the leadership roles, compared to only 15% in other industries.

The legal cannabis market is attracting new female entrepreneurs every day, and almost all of them want to make a difference. That’s exactly what we are going to address in this article. Meet the most important and influential women in the cannabis industry in 2019!

Emily Skrobecki

Emily Skrobecki is most known for founding CannSTEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math), an organization connecting all women in the cannabis industry. She is also the manager of process engineering at SoRSE.

She decided to join the cannabis industry because, in her opinion, no other plant on Earth has the same synergistic effects as cannabis. She believes that we only just began to understand the abilities of cannabis and that it holds more secrets than we can imagine.

Dr. Christina Sanchez

When it comes to medical cannabis research, one of the most well-known names in the area is Dr. Christina Sanchez. She started her progressive research a long time ago and talked a lot about the potential of CBD even in the 1990s.

Without a doubt, Dr. Sanchez was ahead of her time, paving the road to much more cannabis research as she moved forward. Today, she is a member of the board of Spanish Observatory for Medical Cannabis (OEDCM) and is known as an expert speaker in conferences around the world.

Yvonne DeLaRosa Green

Yvonne DeLaRosa Green found a spot among the 100 most influential people, published by High Times magazine in March 2018. She is the creator of 99 High Art – the world’s first upscale medical cannabis dispensary that got praise from the Rolling Stone as one of the best medical cannabis collectives in California.

She was also the first person to receive a cannabis business license in Los Angeles and was named the Business Woman of the Year by Industry Power Women for her achievements in the cannabis industry. 

Nancy Whiteman

According to Inc. Magazine, Nancy Whiteman is The Queen of Legal Weed. She founded Wana Brands in 2010, and her company quickly became the most popular one when it comes to edible cannabis products in Colorado. Today, her business has spread to another three states – Arizona, Nevada, and Oregon.

Nancy already has an amazing success, but she keeps on pushing forward. Her Wana Brands empire grows every single day. She plans to expand the business to Illinois, Michigan, and Florida. Only time will tell how many states she will conquer.

Amanda Reiman

Amanda Reiman is most known for her studies in support of cannabis, fighting all the archaic stereotypes that still surround this plant. Her latest research was focused on using cannabis as a potential treatment for severe addictions.

That being said, she has an even more important role in the cannabis industry — changing the drug policy in the US. Her biggest influence comes from the role of manager of cannabis law and policy for the Drug Policy Alliance (DPA), making her the key person in the fight for legalization.


Without any doubt, women are dominating the cannabis industry and are using their executive positions to make a difference. In other words, they are changing the world for the better, one step at a time.