Tuesday, February 18, 2020

American Portfolios Officially Launches Client-Facing Portal

Designed with the express purpose of creating value-added services all around, APs affiliated colleagues may now offer their clients the ability to engage more directly with their accounts by performing various online functions.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: A Closer Look at Best Execution

In today's FLASHBACK, Traders Magazine looks back to 2003 and new guidelines that were passed designed to fulfill best ex mandates. So, has anything changed?

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Commissions Continue Spiral

This week Traders Magazine takes a look at U.S. equity commissions - and how far they have fallen since their heyday and what is yet to come.

Scarcity of Capital to Increase

As the investment bank era ends, so too, some in the industry are saying, the era of broad capital use for executing trades comes to a close.

Hedge Fund Managers Wary of Primes

The tables are turned. Now, instead of prime brokers worrying about the financial health of their customers, hedge funds are worried about the financial health of their prime brokers--and the investment banking parents of their primes. Earlier this week, Bear Stearns agreed to what was, effectively, a forced sale to JPMorgan as result of its deteriorating liquidity.

Ex-Citi Exec Heads New Firm

Robert Moore, a former head of U.S. equities trading at Citigroup Global Markets, has been tapped to run the trading desk of Concept Capital Markets, a soon-to-be-launched agency brokerage that will be part-owned by Sanders Morris Harris Group.

Small Broker With Big Heart Shares Wealth

AltruShare Securities on the surface looks the same as any other institutional brokerage firm. The Bridgeport, Conn.-based startup trades with much the same tools as bigger firms with big tech budgets.

Bernstein’s New Frontiers

The traders at 42-year-old Sanford C. Bernstein have grasped that one has to adapt to stay competitive in a cutthroat world. And as the securities industry has changed to remain competitive, so have they.

SEC to Tackle Sponsored Access in Coming Months

The Securities and Exchange Commission is likely to address significant concerns associated with sponsored access in the next few months, according to a top trading official at the Commission.

Survival of the Biggest

Why new regulations will help the big brokers and kill off the smaller ones.