Tuesday, February 18, 2020

The Rising Value of Data in Financial Markets

Data in financial markets has never been more valuable.

ON THE MOVE: BTIG Hires for Euro Outsourced Desk

The weekly recap of hires, job moves and promotions around Wall Street.

TradeZero Introduces Investor Choice for Trade Execution

Traders can now select the specific destination where orders are routed for execution.

Credit Suisse Replaces CEO

Espionage scandal proves demise of Swiss bank chieftain.

Cowen Integrates Global Prime Partners’ Prime Brokerage Business

As part of the agreement, Cowen has hired GPP’s prime brokerage team, including sales, operations, client service, onboarding and trading.

Wedmont Announces New HNW Platform

Firm plans to offer direct indexing at no additional fee and without any trading costs.

State Street Hires Duffy as Head of Equity Sales & Trading for the Americas.

Prior to joining State Street Duffy was Head of Execution Services at Clearpool Group.

Incapital Adds Four Fixed Income Pros

Nine executives hired over past six months as firm expands best-in-class platform.

How Can ‘Document Atomisation’ Bring Benefits to Research?

Data overload can be managed and turned into useful actionable information.

Busting the Top 5 Myths About HFT

Are HFTs still the anathema of today's market structure or savior?