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Will The Bitcoin Bubble Pop Or Will It Envelop Us All?

Guest contributor Erik Hoel asks the question whether the worst is over for bitcoin holders, or still yet to come, what is yet to come? And why.

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In your opinion, what is the biggest hurdle facing the blockchain?

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2014 Honorees

Excellence in Leadership Award

This award is presented to a women who demonstrates exemplary leadership and exceptional performance throughout her career. This individual, selected by the Advisory Committee, is considered to be the standard bearer for women in the financial community.

Jennifer Nayar
Chief of Staff
REDI Global Technologies

Laurie Ben-Amo
Chief Operating Officer
Abel/Noser Corp

Industry Trailblazers

These awards recognize women who broke the gender barrier in trading, advancing up the career ladder on the buy and sell sides of the business. These trailblazers forged the opportunity for other women to become traders, managers and successful financial professionals.

Bea Ordonez
Managing Director, COO
ConvergEx Execution Solutions and G-Trade Services

Jennifer Setzenfand
Senior Trader, Global Equities and Derivatives
Federated Investors

Lifetime Achievement

These honors are given to women with more than two decades of senior management experience on Wall Street, and who have achieved the pinnacles of success and acted as role models to younger generations of women and men.

Alice Handy

Entrepreneurs of the Year

These are skilled, creative women who have pursued, and succeeded in new ventures or businesses in financial markets.

Kim Stolz
Director of Equities Derivatives
Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Helen Deitz
Stanford Investment Group

Mentors of the Year

These are women who have shown dedication to the cause of furthering the careers of other women in financial services.

Christine Sperry
Managing Director

Joan Stack
Head Trader - Equities
Ohio Public Employees Retirement System

Charitable Works Award

These are presented to women who devote considerable resources and energy to philanthropic causes that benefit society as a whole.

Cristina Dolan
Head of Content, Marketing, and Communication Products

Crystal Ladder Awards

These give recognition to women who began their careers in an entry-level job in a financial firm and climbed steadily through the ranks to reach senior management.

Eleanor Ogden
Vice President
Morgan Stanley Investment Management

Sophia Lee
General Counsel

Rising Stars

These are earned by professionals that have had significant and growing impact on their firms and the industry.

Jennifer Hadiaris
Head of U.S. Market Structure
Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets

Michelle Rogers
Senior Portfolio Manager
Community Capital Management

Diversity Achievement Award

This award will be presented to a firm that demonstrates focused efforts and quantitative and qualitative results in the area of achieving gender diversity in the executive ranks.

Investment Technology Group, Inc. (ITG)

Equities Trader of the Year

This award is presented to a top stock trader whose innovative approach has enabled her to deliver superior results in equities trading.

Vivian Bakonyi
Program Trading

Mary Clark
Senior Vice President Operations and Trading
Wallachbeth Capital

Woman-Owned Brokerage of the Year

This award is presented to an executive who has successfully grown her shop by developing and delivering top-notch research, algos and trading tools.

Danielle Hughes
CEO and Founder
Divine Capital Markets

Dana Telsey
CEO and Founder
Telsey Advisory Group

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