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The Periodic Table

Fidessa's Steve Grob has written a response to Marcus Ferber writing to ESMA condemning periodic auctions. The blog strongly criticizes Ferber's approach, and looks at the problems behind the "lit is good and dark is bad" attitude.

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Do you think that NY AG Schneiderman's probe into crypto exchanges will curtail growth and trading?

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STA 14th Annual Congressional Conference

Willard Hotel Washingoton, D.C. April 12-13, 2011

Lou Matrone, Oracle, Dallas; Peggy Bowie, MFC Global, Toronto; Sonny Lennon, CSTA, Warkworth.

Lou Matrone, Oracle, Dallas; Peggy Bowie, MFC Global, Toronto; Sonny Lennon, CSTA, Warkworth. Scott Tucker, Robert W. Baird, Milwaukee; Howard Lindsey, Goldman Sachs, San Francisco; Edwin Fong, Hoover Investments, San Francisco. Joe Cangemi, ConvergEx. Senator Michael Crapo, (R) Idaho
James Toes, STA Senator Robert Menedez, (D) New Jersey Congressman Michael Grim, (R) New York. Congressman Mark Olson (R) Minnesota
Alan Marshall, Luther King Capital Management; Brian McCarthy, Vangard Brokerage Services; Bret Mock, BTIG; John Russell, Franklin Templeton, Joe Cangemi, ConvergEx Group; Jennifer Setzenfand, Federated Investors; James Toes, STA; Joscelyn Wippern, both STA; Peggy Bowie, MFC Investment Advisors; Jon Schneider, BATS; Lou Matrone, Oracle; Joe Roman, Atlanta Capital; Chuck Padala, MKM Partners; Rory O’Kane, Knight Capital Group; Fred Mason, JPMorgan Asset Management; Tom Carter, JonesTrading; John Daley, Stifel Nicolaus. Tom Carter, JonesTrading, Westlake Village; Tim Casey, Cabrera Capital Markets, Boston. Dave Franasiak, Williams & Jensen, Washington D.C.; Cromwell Coulson, OTC Markets Inc; Kenneth Heath, TradersMagazine, both New York. Scott Mullins, Penson Financial, Dallas; Melissa Donahue, Boenning & Scattergood, West Conshahocken; Michael Anastasi, Knight Capital Group, Jersey City .
Brian McCarthy, Vangard Brokerage Services, Malvern, Casey Haverstick, Credit Suisse; Jim Gregory, TMX Group, both New York. Sonny Lennon, CSTA, Warkworth; Nancy McLaughlin, ConvergEx Group, New York; Fred Mason, JPMorgan Asset Management, Boston. Jason Lichten, RBC, New York; Ron Insana, CNBC, Joe Cangemi, Nancy McLaughlin, both ConvergEx Group, all New York; Fred Mason, JPMorgan Asset Management, Boston. Sandy Ratterman, guest; Matt Billings, Scottrade, St Louis; Kathy Cheevers, Cheevers, Chicago.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: The SEC Raises Stakes in Self-Regulation

In this week's Flashback Friday story, Traders Magazine looks aback to 2005 and the debate as to who the equity market have as a sole or top regulator? And if so, who should it be? The SROs? FINRA? SEC?

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