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Reinventing Trading Venues: How AI Can Help Create a More Efficient Market

In this whitepaper shared with Traders Magazine, the Hegarty Group examines how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help traders execute more efficiently.

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If Members Exchange (MEMX) gets SEC approval and launches, do you think it will force downward pressure on market data fees?

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STA's 77th Annual Conference

Washington D.C. September 2010

Presentation of the Colors

Presentation of the Colors  Scott Chon, Jump Trading, Chicago; Dmitri Galinov, Credit Suisse; Dan Yu, Realtick, both New York. Matt Dorn, Collins Stewart, Minneapolis; Josh Van Dreel, Heartland, Milwaukee, Brad Wilson, Sanford Bernstein, John Silvestri, Aqua Equities, both New York; Tom Arneson Wells Fargo, Minneapolis.
Jack Hughes, JMH Consulting, Philadelphia; Sue Driscoll, guest; Craig Harrison, Sionna Investment Management; Brennan Howard, Stifel Nicolaus, both Toronto. Chris Siclare, UBS; Mary McDermott-Holland, NASDAQ OMX; Scott Richard, Lisa Carroll, all NASDAQ OMX, all New York. Marcus Bermeo, Pam Friedberg, Jennifer Rossdale all BT, New York; Michael Ludwig, BNY Mellon, all New York. Seth Weber, Barclays Capital; Dan Weingarten, Penson Financial; Brian Carr, Joe Velli, Sean Buckley all ConvergEx, all New York.
Bob Koci, Principal Financial, Des Moines; Kathy Cheevers, Cheevers & Co.; Jon Aletto, Ariel Capital Management, both Chicago. John Huth, Quantlab Financial, Houston; Chris Isaacson, BATS, Kansas City. Dan Romanelli, NYSE Euronext, Chicago; Lisa Fall, Boston; Todd Rich, Chicago, both BOX. Ken Heath, Traders Magazine, New York; Nichole Ake, U.S. Capital Advisors, Dallas; Mary McDermott-Holland, NASDAQ OMX, New York; Mark McDermott, Natixis Bleischroeder, Boston.
Dan Strack, Paul Romagnoli, both Goldman Sachs; Jim Hyde, NYSE Euronext, all New York. Adam Levy, Fidessa; Joe Cangemi, ConvergEx Group, Anthony Triolo, Fidessa, all New York Tom Defazio, Aqua Equities, New York; Kelli Springer, Kansas City Capital; Michael Burbach, Lathrop & Gage, both Kansas City. Gus Phelps, Navpoint, Boston; John Giesea, STA, New York; Tim Casey, Navpoint, Boston; James Ramage, Traders Magazine, New York.
Paul Neumaier, Fidessa; Chris Siclare, UBS, both New York; Lael Morse, New York; Martin Hakker, Toronto, both Fidessa. Andrew Oppenheimer, Aqua Equities, New York; Patricia Regan, Fidelity Investments; Erin Williams, Stifel Nicolaus, both San Francisco; Kevin Foley, Aqua Equities, New York; Laurie Hanna, Pulse Trading, San Francisco; Andrew Fishkind, Aqua Equities, New York. James Kelly, SunGard, Jersey City ;  Dan Weingarten, Penson Financial, New York; Bill Fallon, SunGard, Jersey City; Jack Boyle, Penson Financial, Chicago.
Keith Casuccio, Morgan Stanley, New York; Patrick Egan, Mantara, Jersey City; Jared Baker, Charles River, Boston. Jennifer and John Russell, Franklin Templeton; Brett and Maile Mock , BTIG, all San Francisco. Brett Mock, BTIG, San Francisco; David Feherty, Guest Speaker, Joe Cangemi, ConvergEx Group, New York; Lou Matrone, Oracle, Dallas.
Bart Green, Wells Fargo, St. Louis; Joe Mecane, Dan Romanelli, both NYSE Euronext, New York; Paul Roettger, Wells Fargo, St. Louis. Jennifer and Scott Setzenfand, Federated Investors, Pittsburgh; Garnet and Dennis Green, both guests. Nancy McLaughlin, ConvergEx Group; Steve Hughes, Exegy, both New York.
Nav Cheema, Raymond James, Vancouver; Brennan Howard, Stifel Nicolaus; Craig Harrison, Sionna Investment Management, both Toronto.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Unraveling the Ramifications of the ETF Bubble

In this week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY, Traders Magazine looks back to 2015 when one commentator argued the ETF market was near a bubble and how the market has fared since.

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