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Reinventing Trading Venues: How AI Can Help Create a More Efficient Market

In this whitepaper shared with Traders Magazine, the Hegarty Group examines how artificial intelligence and machine learning can help traders execute more efficiently.

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If Members Exchange (MEMX) gets SEC approval and launches, do you think it will force downward pressure on market data fees?

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY: Denver STA Convention's Opening Reception

– In this week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY, Traders Magazine looks back to 1999 and the Denver STA Annual Conventionís opening reception at the Hyatt Regency.

The Truth Behind the Closing Price

– In this shared blog, Neo Exchange discusses its new closing mechanism and how it affects the closing price process in the Canadian stock market.

Storing and Securing Cryptocurrencies

– In this note from FINRA, the regulator offers guidance and insight into the security and storage of digital assets.

Report Reveals Asset Managers Are Failing to Optimize Corporate Action Decisions on a Global Scale

– Losses exceeding over a billion dollars annually with increasing regulatory and litigation risks, report says.

TokenInsight Publishes New Briefing on Financial Application Tokens

– The briefing examines 63 financial application tokens from a top 500 token cluster in terms of global market capitalization, examining the industry from aspects of industry ecosystems, market performance, economic modeling, and sentiment analysis.

SEC Approves Rebate Pilot

– Regulators are going to collect data on fees exchanges pay for order flow.

CEO Chat: Mazy Dar, OpenFin

– Traders Magazine editor John DíAntona Jr. recently sat down with OpenFinís co-founder and CEO Mazy Dar to discuss his firmís core mission and philosophy, the growth itís seen among its buy side client base, the goals for the FDC3 consortium it launched, and more.

FIA Issues Updated CCP Risk Management Recommendations

– There are 15 specific recommendations FIA believes would improve the health and safety of the global clearing system.

Coinbase Ventures & Digital Currency Group Invest in Alt Data Provider, Flipside Crypto

– Flipside Crypto tracks cryptocurrency project utility and developer behavior to characterize digital assets.

IRESS and Nasdaq Launch New Canadian Securities Data Service

– The new data feed is now available on all IRESS market data products, including its browser-based ViewPoint platform.

Crypto's Custody Conundrum

– Asset managers know that they will need to house digital assets with qualified third-party custodians eventually, but reaching that point while coloring within the regulatory lines will be difficult, according to the experts.

Global Banks Expanding in Asian Fixed Income Despite Trading Volumes

– Greenwich Associates Announces 2018 Leaders in Asian Fixed Income, Australian/New Zealand Fixed Income.

Building Blockchain Utopia: The Challenges Blockchain Faces Today

– In this thought piece, author and blockchain developer Gloria Zhao examines the challenges the digitall ledger technology faces in all possible applications.

Refinitiv and Tradeweb Extend and Expand Data Redistribution Agreement

– The new agreement provides for the delivery of additional data sets across multiple fixed income instruments across credit, rates, money markets as well as cash and derivatives.

CLS’s DLT Payment Netting Service Live with Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley

– CLSNet brings a bilateral payment netting service to over 120 currencies, optimizing intraday liquidity, improving operational efficiency, and reducing risk.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Unraveling the Ramifications of the ETF Bubble

In this week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY, Traders Magazine looks back to 2015 when one commentator argued the ETF market was near a bubble and how the market has fared since.

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