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Incentivizing a Better Market

In this blog from IEX, the exchange announces a first-of-its-kind fee that is designed to improve all trading, including the experience of displayed orders - the Signal Fee.

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Traders Magazine Online News

ON THE MOVE: Goldman and Deutsche Swap Trading Pros

– In this holiday week edition of On The Move, there is continued job activity at the brokers, a departure at Nasdaq in Europe and a changing of the guard at CalPERS.

Liquidnet Launches Virtual High Touch Workflow for Fixed Income

– New workflow and audit trail represents a MiFID II compliant solution to corporate bond trading,

truePTS Establishes Strategic Relationships with JPMorgan and Citi

– The partnership helps brokers allow auto-matching and direct clearing, automating the manual processing of derivatives, one of the largest source of errors, revisions, and operational risks.

The Hurdles and need for MiFid II Regulations

– Enfusion Systems¹ Jason Morris discusses how MiFID II will affect the global financial market,

SIFMA Wants a PII-less CAT

– The Securities Industry and Financial Market Association added its voice to those who want to re-think the Consolidated Audit Trail due to cyber-security concerns.

Buy Side Investment Risk Management Part 1: A Survey of Business Priorities, Risk Hotspots, and Operational Alpha Opportunities

– This report explores a future-oriented view of how investment business priorities and risk dynamics in the buy side universe are expected to play out in the short to midterm horizon based on recent Celent survey insights and data.

Wilmington Trust and AcadiaSoft Launch Margin Management Service

– AcadiaSoft’s ProtoColl and MarginSphere software to serve as backbone technology for Wilmington Trust’s collateral management initiative.

Geopolitical Risk Surges to Record High in New DTCC Survey

– Geopolotical, cyber crime and fintech risk lead new survey on issues facing financial markets in the future.


– In this week's Flashback Friday story, Traders Magazine asks the question, is there still a "magic number" where off board trading hurts the market and if so, what is it?

Equity ETF Inflows Could Top $300B in 2017

– If sports broadcaster Mel Allen were alive and covering the exchange-traded fund markets, he might exclaim, “How about that?” as equity inflows appear poised to hit $300 billion this year.

The Decade in Fixed Income Trading

– As Markets Media celebrates its 10th anniversary, it looks back at 10 years in fixed income trading and how that business has evolved.

Blockchain Capital Markets — Part I: A New Paradigm for Capital Formation

– Celent's John Dwyer shares his recent published report titled Blockchain Capital Markets - Part I where the advent of ICOs and token combination is unleashing unprecedented levels of creative destruction and innovation.

Defining the FX Flash Crash

– In report shared with Traders Magazine, Pragma aims to define and identify flash crashes using tick by tick FX data for 2015 and 2016. In so doing, it will become a useful benchmark for researchers, regulators and institutions looking to understand why flash crashes occur and whether they are becoming more common in the FX market.

Neovest OEMS Can Now Directly Access CODA Block’s 30-Second Auction Market

– Neovest, the broker-neutral institutional trading software provider, and CODA Markets, a provider of on-demand equity auctions, announced the integration of real-time auction alerts and “one-click” order routing to CODA Block from within Neovest’s OEMS.

A Trader’s View on Crypto

– Michael Unetich, VP of Cryptocurrencies at Trading Technologies and an avid cryptocurrency participant, shares his thoughts about what he would be thinking about bitcoin if he were to put his old trader hat on.