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What the !@#$ is a Security Token?

In this first part of a series, Mr. Schloss will begin to explain what a security token is by explaining how the building blocks of securities law are fundamental to understanding the tremendous value security tokens will one day unlock.

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Are Options Specialists an Endangered Species?

– In this week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY item, Traders Magazine takes a look into the options universe and looks to see what happened to the market makers and specialists who back in 2005 where thought to be an endangered species.

ETFs: A Double-Edged Sword for Passive Investors

– For nearly the past five years, exchange-traded funds have fueled the institutional and retail investors’ drive toward passively managed strategies. But is that about to change?

Barchart Adds CSE and Aequitas NEO to its Data Offering

– Barchart announced complete streaming coverage of Canadian-listed equity securities with the addition of CSE and Aequitas NEO to its data inventory.

Ticker Tocker Announces 17 Brokers and Tech Firms for Pilot Launch

– Set to make its official debut in early September, Ticker Tocker, which is currently running an exclusive pilot program, has unveiled a new list of more than 15 new brokers which are now accessible through its broker agnostic platform.

Asset Managers Expect Compliance Expenditure and Regulatory Burden to Increase Over Next Five Years

– Compliance set to consume a greater proportion of asset managers’ financial resources against a backdrop of mount regulation says new survey data from BackBay Communications and Osney Media.

Spoofing, Surveillance and Supervision

– Jay Biondo, Product Manager - Surveillance at Trading Technologies, co-authored an article along with James Lundy and Nicholas Wendland, both of Drinker Biddle & Reath LLP, reviewing the CFTC's regulations and expanding efforts, 21st century surveillance and supervision, as well as strategic recommendations.

9 Rules of Crypto Trading That Helped One Trader Go from $1k to $46k in Less Than a Year

– In this contributed item, author Ken Li recounts some favorable rules that helped one trader turn profits in the whipsaw cryptocurrency world.

Financial Services Industry Spends $1.7B per Year on Blockchain

– A new Greenwich Associates report writes that industry is shifting blockchain efforts from Proof-of-Concept to commercial deployment.

Equity ETFs See $23 Billion in New Inflows During May

– If April showers bring May flowers, then geopolitical tensions over the last month prodded investors to put over $20 billion of fresh capital into exchange traded funds.

Eurex: Clearing Competition Won't Increase Costs

– Euro clearing may be forced to move from London after Brexit.

A CFO Guide to Blockchain

– Bulge bracket broker Citi has shared with Traders Magazine its newly printed “CFO Guide to Blockchain” where the firm breaks down the entire blockchain process and technology.

The Risk Contribution of Stocks, Parts 1-3 - Recap

– In a new white paper, "Looking Under the Hood," Ampersand authors recap the risks associated with a 60/40 stock/bond portfolio, showing that 92% of the risk is contributed by stocks.

P2P Lending and the Future of Cryptocurrency

– The crypto market has gone mainstream, and as cryptocurrencies continue to become more and more accepted in the fintech world, the real question comes what happens when banks start to accept this currency as collateral.

US Stock Buybacks – A Long Term Perspective

– In a recent published newsletter, DataTrek's Nicolas Colas examined the long term implications of stock buybacks and their idiosyncrasies.

Global Exchange Revenues Hit $30.7 Billion in 2017

– In its latest report, the latest Burton Taylor reports surging transaction and information services revenues drive profits.