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Five Predictions for Crypto in 2019

In this guest article, David Azaraf examines 5 macro trends that crypto investors and traders should watch out for in the next 12 months.

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How a Bond Revolution Went Mainstream

– BlackRock's Karen Schenone examines how the launch of the Bloomberg Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index (AGG) revolutionized bond investing.

S3 Launches Trade Surveillance Suite

– New product suite facilitates identification and resolution of trading violations.

Why Crypto Funds Are Growing Despite the Bear Market

– In this exclusive article to Traders Magazine, Caspian COO David Wills puts down claims that the entire crypto-industry is falling into disarray with coin prices down and volatile.

CEO CHAT: Mark Davies, S3

– Mark Davies, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of S3, recently sat down with Traders Magazine editor John DíAntona Jr. to discuss his firmís core mission, his outlook for fintech and what new offerings the firm will be bringing to the marketplace.

Investors Shifting Out of Equities and into Other Assets

– After reviewing 1,400 plans within the Investment Metrics plan universe across four plan types, the research firm found some interesting changes in asset allocations over a 3 Ĺ year period.

FIA PTG Proposes Actionable Reforms to U.S. Equity Market Structure

– FIA PTG believes that Reg NMS reform is timely and important and puts forward in this paper a set of discrete actionable reforms that can be evaluated and implemented now.

big xyt adds Double Volume Cap Dashboard to Liquidity Cockpit

– This new dashboard has been created to respond to The European Security and Markets Authority (ESMA) updates to DVC calculations under the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II).

Weekly Corporate Event Highlights

– Staying on top of corporate events is critical for any investment firm. Here are the selected events from Wall Street Horizon impacting the most widely held securities scheduled for this week.

DTCC Passes TIW Milestone

– The Depository Trust & Clearing Corp. has reached a significant milestone in the development of its blockchain-based Trade Information Warehouse. User-acceptance testing begins this autumn.

Quorum 15 and Greenwich Associates Partner to Launch Q15 Digital Forum

– Quorum 15 and Greenwich Associates look foster industry-wide dialogue and forums in order to drive consensus between buy- and sell-side globally.

Cboe and Nasdaq Capture 73% of Options Market: Tabb Group

– The two largest exchange groups, Cboe and NASDAQ, have captured 73.2% of options volume in 2018, but the three smaller exchange operators have gained market share.

The REAL Lesson from the Dark Pool Scandals is Buy Side Ambivalence

– Guest commentator David Weisberger asserts that some blame needs to be shouldered by the buy-side institutional clients that use dark pools, without measuring their effectiveness or even questioning the value of trading with retail flow.

CoinBundle Offers Program Crypto Trading

– Users can invest in curated bundles based on their risk profiles and investment strategies with one click for the first time.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: More Disclosure Wanted

– In this week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY article, Traders Magazine takes a look at the issue of market transparency. Has the buy-side's request for greater insight into its order flow and executions been satisfied over the last 5 years?

Gone in Sixty Seconds or How Much Is Your Rebate Tax Bill?

– In this blog, IEX shares its views and data on how the maker-taker or rebate pricing scheme affects traders and the investing public.