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Five Predictions for Crypto in 2019

In this guest article, David Azaraf examines 5 macro trends that crypto investors and traders should watch out for in the next 12 months.

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IHS Markit Announces Initial Margin Calculation Service for OTC Derivatives

– The fully hosted service supports ISDA Standard Initial Margin Model (SIMM) and integrated collateral management ecosystem.

Eventus Systems Rolls Out Machine Learning for Validus Platform

– Firm adds integrated machine learning (ML) into its Validus surveillance and risk software platform, augmenting capabilities for identifying potential disruptive trading practices such as spoofing and layering.

MiFID II Data Needs To Be Reviewed After Brexit

– Calculations may not be relevant after the UK leaves the EU.

Data Science Platforms Help the Buy Side Integrate Alternative Data

– Asset managers are looking for ways to mine alternative data sets for investment ideas, recognizing that stock pickers cannot rely on traditional research.

Five Predictions for Crypto in 2019

– In this guest article, David Azaraf examines 5 macro trends that crypto investors and traders should watch out for in the next 12 months.

SEC Waits on Crypto ETF Guidance

– The greatest barrier to the establishment of crypto-based exchange-traded products could be the Investment Company Act of 1940, according to Congressional testimony by the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

TradingScreen Customers to Benefit from ITG Pre-Trade Analytics

– The integration will bring Transaction Cost Analysis to greater audience and help traders manage costs and risk.

Customizing Equities Trading

– On the sell side, ‘Execution as a Service’ is in, off-the-rack algos are out.

Is The Corporate Bond Market Overheating? Look At The Lenders.

– In this review from Russell Investments, the firm examines how to gauge whether or not the corporate bond is overheating and what barometer one should use when deciding..

TD Ameritrade Invests in Crypto Exchange ErisX

– Retail brokerage has made a strategic investment in ErisX, a regulated derivatives exchange and clearing organization that will include digital asset futures and spot contracts on one platform.

IPC Taps Cboe to Provide Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Market Data

– he Cboe Cryptocurrency Feed Summary and Feed Premium, which provides data on three pairs, Ether to Bitcoin, Bitcoin to USD and Ether to USD, are now available on the IPC Connexus Cloud.

TRADERS Q&A: Oliver Albers, Nasdaq

– In a conversation, Nasdaq's Oliver Albers discusses the exchange operator's market data reform proposals ahead of the SEC's two-day meeting on market data fees.

VIEWPOINT: US Stock Markets Put Investors First

– In an Op-Ed originally published in The Hill, former US Representative Mike Ferguson examines the nobility of public exchanges and the services they offer.

New York’s Damning Report on Crypto Exchanges Will Be Good for the Industry

– A recent article from MIT's Mike Orcutt examines how a new report from the New York Attorney General could dial up pressure on the exchanges to move toward greater transparency and better consumer protection for crypto traders and benefit the industry as a whole.

Cloud Goes Higher and Higher

– In an exclusive to Traders Magazine, FIX shared some of its insights gleaned from its latest NY Regional meeting held last week.