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Incentivizing a Better Market

In this blog from IEX, the exchange announces a first-of-its-kind fee that is designed to improve all trading, including the experience of displayed orders - the Signal Fee.

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Traders Magazine Online News

Indeco Launches First Token Pre-sale Under SEC’s Regulation Crowdfunding Rules

– At Token Summit, the conference on the emerging token-based economy, Indeco announced the world’s first crypto asset pre-sale under the SEC’s rules for Regulation Crowdfunding (“Reg CF”).

Cboe Futures Exchange (CFE) Authorized to Provide Automated Trading Services in Hong Kong

– CFE to allow Hong Kong firms to become trading privilege holders (TPHs); connect directly to CFE Cboe Global Markets opens office in Hong Kong as exchange’s Asian outreach continues.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY: New York GMST World Markets Launch Party

– In this week's Flashback, Traders Magazine goes back to December 2000 and the New York GMST World Markets Launch Party.

What Next for Traders Saying Goodbye to AOL Instant Messenger?

– In this exclusive to Traders Magazine, Lesli Fairchild discusses how the DEC 15 shutdown of AOL Messenger will affect traders and what alternatives are out there.

Every Cloud has a Regulatory Lining

– In this exclusive item shared by Nasdaq to Traders Magazine, the authors focus on the adoption of the cloud by the financial sector and the various regulatory hurdles these firms are faced with.

Bitfinex And Communications

– In this shared article, Ronn Torossian discusses secure trading of cybercurrencies and how one exchange is trying to stay one step ahead.

TORA Launches AI-Driven Pre-Trade Analytics Tool

– TORA’s new product moves beyond TCA by using AI techniques to accurately estimate price slippage for trades before they enter the market.

Cboe Reports Increasing Usage Of New Complex Order Options Functionality

– Cboe has reported that there is increased usage of complex order functionality on its Cboe EDGX Options Exchange, just one month after the new technology was launched.

Absa Joins CLS as a New Settlement Member

– Absa joins 66 other leading banks in becoming a settlement member in CLSSettlement, a payment-versus-payment settlement service for the global foreign exchange market.

Saigon Securities Selects Market Maker Horizon

– Horizon Software was selected by Saigon Securities to make markets in warrants and futures on the Hanoi Stock Exchange and Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange.

ICAP Raises $6.4 Million on 25th Annual Global Charity Day

– Since the inception of Charity Day in 1993, ICAP has raised over $210 million for more than 2,200 charities worldwide. This year the firm raised $6.4 million.

CME Sets Dec 18 Date for Bitcoin Futures Trading

– Just moments after Cboe announced its December 10 start date for bitcoin futures trading, CME Group plans to begin trading the crypto currency on Dec 18.

Cboe Submits Product Certification for Bitcoin Futures

– The impending launch date of Cboe bitcoin futures, which will trade on CFE under the ticker symbol ‘XBT,’ will be announced shortly.

Are Broker Dealers Ready for FINRA to Analyze their Routing?

– In this contributed piece from ViableMkts, the author discusses how brokers should be concerned about upcoming regulator review of its algorithms.

PMP Lessons Learned

– In this contributed article from BondWave, the author reminds that the concept of Prevailing Market Price (PMP) has been in the fixed income markets for over a decade and with new regulations coming a new approach to PMP will be needed.