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What the !@#$ is a Security Token?

In this first part of a series, Mr. Schloss will begin to explain what a security token is by explaining how the building blocks of securities law are fundamental to understanding the tremendous value security tokens will one day unlock.

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Traders Magazine Online News

TradeSmarter Debuts New Crypto Product Suite

– White Label trading platform TradeSmarter has a developed a new product suite, bringing multiple cryptocurrency functions under one roof for the first time.

Virtual Crypto Technologies Launches NetoBit ATM

– In contrast to most bitcoin ATM platforms, which only allow the purchase of bitcoin, Virtual Crypto's NetoBit ATM is a bi-directional platform that enables users to sell bitcoin as well.

ON THE MOVE: Mark Viani Returns to CAPIS

– Former buysider, contributor to Traders Magazine and market veteran Mark Viani has returned to CAPIS, the Dallas-based agency-only brokerage in a new role as its Executive Director of Business Development.

Financial Advisers Like ETFs But Pass on Cryptos

– This year marks the fourth consecutive year that ETFs are the preferred investment vehicle among advisers, with 87 percent of financial advisers surveyed currently using or recommending ETFs with their clients, according to a new survey.

‘Conditioning’ Venue Analysis

– Equity traders searching for block liquidity need to know their venue options.

ALGO UPDATE: GX2 to Offer Treasury Algos

– GX2’s outright execution algorithms expand upon its STAR aggregation product that routes orders on behalf of customers to seven Treasury venues and its original principal-spread execution product.

European Demand for U.S. Equity Options Remains Strong

– A new Burton-Taylor study found that European investors account for approximately nine percent of total U.S. exchange-listed equity option order flow and that the magnitude of their U.S. equity holdings has increased 52 percent since 2013.

ARQA Expands OMS in Europe Using QuantHouse Data and Hosting

– The collaboration is twofold: one is feeding ARQA OMS with fast, well-normalized and truly global market data. The other is hosting ARQA OMS at QuantHouse’s data centre in London.

SmartStream Announces Next Gen AI for Back Office Processing

– The new innovations team has been recruited to help design new AI and ML techniques to drive down costs and improve work flow efficiencies, taking advantage of advanced data analytics to re-engineer traditional work models across back office processing.

ON THE MOVE: DASH Lands Lesko for CGO; Kurland Leaves ITG

– The weekly recap of hires, job moves and promotions around Wall Street.

MiFID II Catalyses RFQ For Cash Equities

– RFQs have traditionally been used for ETFs and fixed income.

Why Bitcoin’s Price Correction Occurred

– In this guest article, the author examines the 2017 fall in bitcoin prices and why it wasn't a prolonged slump.

Why Are You Not Currency Hedging Right Now?

– Actively predicting currency moves is nearly impossible but hedging is simple. With a call for a stronger U.S. Dollar now may be the time to consider increasing currency hedge ratios.

Algo Wheels and Analytics – Are the Sell Side Meeting the Buy Side's Needs?

– Chris Monnery, Electronic Execution Business Development at Fidessa, shares the second part of his insights learned from a panel he moderated on the changing needs of the Buy Side from an OMS/EMS and execution perspective.

MTS BondsPro and BondCliQ Join to Improve Corporates Data Access

– Market participants will benefit from being able to consume MTS BondsPro pricing information while referencing institutional quotes through a single screen.