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The Liquidity Problem

Maudlin Economics Jared Dillian examines stock market liquidity.

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FLASHBACK FRIDAY GALLERY: 26th Annual STA STA Los Angeles Meeting

– This week Traders Magazine looks back to 2011, a year that marked the beginning of the Arab spring to the death of Osama bin Laden. The year was filled with landmark events the world over. This Flashback Friday Gallery revisits the 26th annual STA Los Angeles confab in La Quinta, California.

Eze Software Launches Personalized Client Experience

– The firm is launching an upgrade to its buy-side client service experience.

Equity Market Innovation Leads to Venue Proliferation

– Several startups are planning to launch either new venues or order types, and even listing standards, to solve problems in US equity trading.

OPINION: Blockchain is About to Get Real

– Many people in the industry estimate that blockchain will reach a critical mass in the next 18 to 24 months as the first-generation of blockchain-based implementations start delivering a return on investment for their backers.

Wall Street Horizon Launches Free Volatility Report Service

– This first-of-its-kind daily report alerts investors of upcoming corporate events and revisions pertaining to the companies they follow.

Tadawul Implements Changes to Opening and Closing Price Mechanism

– The Suadi Arabian exchange moves to a closing price auction method which aligns Tadawul with global market practices.

Cboe, IHS Markit and BlackRock Launch First U.S. Corporate Bond Index Futures

– The new futures' groundbreaking design will leverage the deep and liquid iShares ETF ecosystem and iBoxx index expertise to create exchange-listed products that are designed to reflect the performance of the broad U.S. high yield and investment grade bond markets.

Buy Side Speaks Up on Access-Fee Pilot

– With a day left before the comment period closes for the US Securities and Exchange Commission's proposed access-fee pilot, the buy side has had the loudest voice among submitted comments and meetings with the SEC.

ETF Expansion Assessed

– Exchange-traded funds will continue to attract money, but the expansion of the ETF ecosystem poses a risk to the industry’s rapid growth by providing more areas for regulators to scrutinize.

High-Risk Behavior Still Top-of-Mind to Regulators

– Nearly a decade after the near-meltdown of the global banking system, rogue behavior is still top-of-mind to regulators all around the globe, writes guest contributor Robert Cruz.

SIFMA DEBRIEF: OPS 2018 Conference

– Inside this note, SIFMA recaps what was seen and heard at the , including: The Future of Fintech Is Now; Your Mission, If You Choose to Accept It; Distributed Ledger Technology, the Holy Grail; An Active Systemic DLT Case Study; We're Only As Good As Our Data; and Data and Cybersecurity Go Hand In Hand.

Bondwave Upgrades Effi Fixed Income Platform

– Effi enables fixed income traders, advisors and investors to service and monitor accounts, identify and communicate trade ideas, create customized alerts, and leverage a sophisticated digital reporting tool to support client interactions and manage their overall bond business.

SGX and TASE Look to Grow Cross-Border Capital Raising for Tech Firms

– Singapore Exchange (SGX) and The Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) announced that they have established a partnership focused on growing capital raising opportunities for companies, particularly in the technology sector.

tZERO and BOX Digital Markets to Launch Security Token Exchange

–, Inc. (tZERO) and BOX Digital Markets LLC (BOX Digital) announce a joint venture to launch the industry’s first regulated security token exchange.

How Social Media is Changing the Hedge Fund Industry

– In this contributed article, author Don Steinbrugge examines how the hedge fund industry is using social media interesting.

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: A Buttonwood Tree Grows in Mahwah

Is there a profitable future in the co-location business? Turn the clock back almost a decade and the exchanges were busy trying to find newer ways and places to conduct trading operations. Sure, there'd still be traders, algorithms and data but not in Manhattan - rather they'd all be elsewhere - like the New Jersey suburbs.

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