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Will The Bitcoin Bubble Pop Or Will It Envelop Us All?

Guest contributor Erik Hoel asks the question whether the worst is over for bitcoin holders, or still yet to come, what is yet to come? And why.

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Traders Magazine Online News

FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Above the Law - What Exchanges and Kings Have in Common

– For the most part, it's always been good to be a King. The same can be said of being a public stock exchange -life's been good. But should it be?

QUICK TAKE: SEC Caution On Bitcoin ETF Is “A Good Sign”

– One crypto executive says the SEC's relaxed pace in approving the first Bitcoin-backed ETF is OK and discretion is needed in brings any new crypto-backed product.

SEC Names Trading and Markets Deputy Directors

– The hiring spree at the Securities and Exchange Commission continues.

FCA Analyses Clearing Thresholds

– Data suggests Emir should exempt smaller financial counterparties from clearing.

Six Ways Artificial intelligence Is Shaping E-Commerce

– In this guest article, the author discusses the ways artificial intelligence can aid in e commerce and business.

CEO CHAT: AIR's Stephenson Discusses Initiatives, Buy Side Tech and Market Structure

– Traders Magazine editor John D’Antona Jr. recently caught up with Bill to talk about his new initiative, buy side technology trends, recent market structure developments, and more.

Rise of the Real-Time, Cloud-Based Risk Engines

– For the first time, hedge funds, brokers and clearing firms, regardless of size, can have the same performance and sophistication of larger rivals, but at a lower price point with RaaS (Risk-as-a-Service).

List Trading Goes Live on MTS BondsPro All-to-All Order Book

– MTS BondsPro connects a community of more than 600 broker dealers and buy-side clients within its anonymous all-to-all order book for corporate and emerging market bond trading.

LevelTradingField Announces Crypto Asset Derivative Exchange

– The exchange will only list the digital assets it creates.

Israel’s Central Bank Wants Increased Regulation on Algorithmic Trading

– There will be no “Algos Gone Wild” in Israel’s stock markets if its regulator gets its way.

Clearing the Path to Greater Capital Efficiencies for Clearing Firms in U. S. Exchange-Listed Options Markets

– The new financial safeguards framework from OCC clears the path for greater capital efficiencies for clearing firms in the U.S. equity options market.

Buy Side Wants One-Stop Shop for Trading Needs

– So, what does the buy-side trader want when it comes to multi-asset trading? It goes without saying that he or she wants the best price, fill size and minimal adverse selection and market disruption. But there’s something else…

Equity ETF Flows Lead July Rebound

– After three straight months of headline-grabbing outflows that had some professionals and issuers worried, ETFs reversed course in July, taking in a healthy $28 billion during the month and bringing year-to-date inflows to $153.5 billion.

Mosaic Smart Data Launches Real-Time Interest Rate Swaps Analytics

– This will be the FICC market’s first real-time data analytics service for swaps.

Donnelley Integrates Bloomberg Data to Assist in SEC Liquidity Compliance

– Partnership is designed to help mutual funds comply with new requirements mandated by the SEC’s liquidity and reporting modernization rules.