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Ain't Gonna Be No Bitcoin ETF

In this reposted bog from Themis Trading, the authors write that sometimes investors need to be protected from themselves - starting with the Bitcoin ETF.

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May/June 2016

Traders Cover: How Harvest Volatility Management Tackles Market Swings

By Renee Caruthers

The portfolio managers of Harvest Volatility Management look at extreme market moves with a fresh approach and steady hands.

Are You The Trader That Firms Want to Hire?

By Chris Cavanaugh

With shrinking trading floors and a push for quants, what can an old-school trader do to remain relevant - and employed?

Clearing: Post-Trade Firms Give the Buyside a Second Look

By Rob Daly

Central counterparty clearing houses are giving the buyside a long overdue reappraisal.

Traders Tech: The State of the Buyside OMS

By Phil Albinus

Your trading firm's tried-and-true order management system is doing more than ever before.

Who's Afraid of an IEX Exchange?

By Dr. Rajiv Sethi

Approval of IEX's application will shift the competitive balance among trading strategies in the stock market, with potential benefits for long-term investors.

ALGO UPDATE: Clearpool Algos In the Cloud

By Renee Caruthers

Clearpool takes a cloud-based approach to algorithm customization for cutting-edge sellside traders.

MiFID II and the End of Brokerages as We Know Them

By Irene Aldridge

Technology is certainly not only enabling the requirements of transparency, it is also leveling the field as far as investors are concerned, making broker-shopping easy.


In this week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY Traders Magazine looks back to 2011 when exchange-traded funds were beginning to gain favor in the marketplace. Fast forward to 2018 and we now see how they remain one of the darlings of the investment world and continue to gain momentum.

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