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Conquering Fear in Trading

In this exclusive to Traders Magazine, therapist Storm Copestand examines how traders can manage expectations and conquer their fear during the entire execution process.

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May 2015

Standish's Amy Koch Navigates the Bond Market's Liquidity Crisis

By Ivy Schmerken

Despite doomsday media headlines warning investors about a looming liquidity shortage in corporate bonds, Amy Koch, managing director and head of taxable fixed-income trading at Standish Mellon Asset Management, sees no reason to panic.

UBS Appoints Leone and Chada as Americas Equities Co-Heads

By John D'Antona Jr.

UBS has filled the slots at the top of its U.S. equities business. Again.

REDI Grows Into Mature Startup - Part 1

By John D'Antona Jr.

With nearly two years since its birth as an independent fintech company, chief executive officer Rishi Nangalia and chief technology officer Josh Schubkegel recently sat down with Traders to discuss where the firm's been and where it's headed.

Buyside Profile: Polen Capital’s Pick Takes It Slow

By Phil Albinus

With Polen Capitalís new Global Growth Equity Strategy, read how Julian Pick and his team are willing to wait for the perfect trading opportunity.

RealTick EMS Now Connects Traders to PDQ ATS

By John D'Antona Jr.

PDQ ATS is now available via RealTick EMS.

The Real Reason Firms Hate iPads and iPhones for Trading

By Maggie Patrick

While the concept of Bring Your Own Device has swept Big Business, trading firms are moving cautiously to allow traders to bring their smartphones and tablets to the floor.

A Step Closer to a Fixed-Income NBBO

By Rob Daly

Will a new FINRA pre-trade transparency proposal lay the ground work for establishing a consolidated tape for the corporate bond market?

IEX Breaks Silence on Modern Markets Initiative Debate Challenge

By John D'Antona Jr.

In what could be dubbed the "Rumble in the Urban Jungle" - Modern Markets Initiative continues to press IEX's Brad Katsuyama or Michael Lewis to partake in a public debate on U.S. equity market structure, whether or not the stock markets are rigged and all things high-frequency. And in an exclusive to Traders, IEX finally makes a statement.

NYC Judge Asks Congress to Define Insider Trading

By John D'Antona Jr.

Insider trading - everyone seems to know what it is and isn't - especially if you've seen the Oliver Stone movie Wall Street. But it seems Congress and the judiciary might need some help and a clearer definition of the widely used term, according to one critic.

Citadel Eyes Closing its Apogee Dark Pool

By John D'Antona Jr.

Citadel Securites, operator of the Apogee dark pool, is looking to shutter the non-public trading venue, according to sources.

SEC Unanimously Votes HFT Firms Must Register with FINRA

By Phil Albinus

After hinting at greater oversights, the SEC took its first step to regulating all high-frequency trading firms.

Will The SEC Force All Brokers Under FINRA Control?

By Annette L. Nazareth and Jeffrey T. Dinwoodie

On March 25, the SEC plans to vote on a proposal that may require all brokers to be subject to FINRA regulation. Hereís a look at the implications of the SECís plans to amend Rule 15b9-1.