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Conquering Fear in Trading

In this exclusive to Traders Magazine, therapist Storm Copestand examines how traders can manage expectations and conquer their fear during the entire execution process.

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February 2015

The HFT Believer: Mark Gorton of Tower Research

By Phil Albinus

Traders profiles Mark Gorton of Tower Research Capital - a staunch defender of high-frequency trading and listens to his argument as to why the markets have never been more fair.

More Noble Returns: The Buyside Does Good

By Renee Caruthers

Concern over environmental and roiling social issues tug at hedge funds' hearts -- and bottom lines.

More Scenes From the Mid-Atlantic STA Conference - Part 2

By Phil Albinus

It was an evening of networking and sharing ideas at the Security Traders Association of the Mid-Atlantic region that took place in Baltimore in early February 2015.

Scenes From the Mid-Atlantic STA Conference

By Phil Albinus

Earlier this month, traders and brokers in the mid-Atlantic region gathered for the 80th Annual Security Traders Association Mid-Atlantic conference.

Traders On the Move: Veteran Hegarty to Wall Street Horizon, ITG Names 2015 MD Class

By John D'Antona Jr.

Wall Street veteran and former buysider Robert Hegarty was hired by Wall Street Horizon as an advisory board member, ITG named it 2015 class of managing directors, which included sales traders and Jefferies hired a new global head of business development.

Ex-Goldman Trader Readies New Bitcoin Exchange

By John D'Antona Jr.

A new federally regulated exchange designed to trade the Bitcoin virtual currency is one step closer to becoming a reality.

Tales From The Dark Side - Part 1: The Transient Nature of Inflows

By Craig Viani

In this first installment of Tales From the Dark Side, we look at how dark pools came to be the dominant force in the trading world.

What Brokers Are Looking At: An Overview of Sellside OMSes

By Renee Caruthers

Traders presents a gallery of cutting-edge order management systems found on the desks of today's broker-dealers.

KCG Integrates Charles River IMS to Grow Its institutional Business

By John D'Antona Jr.

KCG is expanding its electronic fixed-income trading system and offering by enlisting Charles River technology. The goal - grow its institutional business and grab market share in the nascent market's electronic space.

What Should the Tick Size Pilot Be About?

By David Weisberger

With the debate about 'a 'trade at' proposal in the Small Tick Pilot program raging on, one executive talks about what should be in the actual pilot and what its goal should be - widening spreads or better relating tick sizes to prevailing spreads.

Cowen Announces CLEAN SEEK Algorithm Targeting Predatory Traders

By John D'Antona Jr.

Predatory traders beware - Cowen is releasing a new algorithm designed to stymie your intentions of disrupting block trades, front-running and thwarting best execution.