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Ain't Gonna Be No Bitcoin ETF

In this reposted bog from Themis Trading, the authors write that sometimes investors need to be protected from themselves - starting with the Bitcoin ETF.

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August 2014

Turning the Spotlight On Dark Pools

By Gregg Wirth

New concerns and a possible regulatory crackdown on dark pools are making buysiders seek illuminating answers.

ALGO UPDATE: Neonet Readies Algos for Europe; U.S. to Follow

By John D'Antona Jr.

Swedish agency-broker Neonet has a simple business strategy offer its algorithms and electronic trading solutions first to its native European equity trading clients, and then cross the Atlantic and enter the U.S. equity markets.

Buyside Gets New Monitoring App on Eikon

By John D'Antona Jr.

Market technology firm Thomson Reuters has introduced a new app designed to help the buyside trader monitor activities affecting his trading activities. The new app, dubbed "Watchlist Pulse," is designed to streamlines workflow for portfolio managers, analysts and traders.

ConvergEx Adds Several Senior Hires Amid Global Push

By John D'Antona Jr.

Amid the backdrop of static commissions and flat-lining staffing levels, ConvergEx has hired several senior level executives - Greg Voetsch, Charles Galligan and Oliver Sung - to its leadership team. It also recently added Conor McCarthy as its new CFO.

Thomson Reuters Launches Elektron Direct Feed

By Phil Albinus

This hardware and software solution will deliver data for US cash equities at first, with plans to deliver data on other asset classes.

De-risky Business: A Tale of Two Funds

By Matthew Streeter

Integrated risk tools are the cornerstone for better trading decisions inside hedge funds.

Twitter Trading Looks for Action

By Renee Caruthers

Investment firms have looked to Twitter and other social media sites as another source of Big Data but none have really soared. Is Twitter ready to be your next data feed?

STA's Toes Exhorts Stock Market to Learn from Auto Industry's Woes

By Jim Toes

in the wake of public outcry and government examination, STA president Jim Toes exhorts the stock market to learn from the auto industry's recent woes and follow its example of how to recover after a crisis.

PROFILE: From Chef to Hedge Fund Superstar

By Phil Albinus

Meet Tim Fligg, who learned to trade from a fellow chef and studied strategies to win BattleFin, the intense trading competition that is also known as the Hedge Fund Hunger Games.

Is the Buyside Ready for Bitcoin?

By Gregg Wirth

Bitcoin, the crypto-currency that initially became infamous as the tender of choice for drug traffickers and mercenaries, may be coming to a trading desk or institutional portfolio near you - and sooner than you think.


In this week's FLASHBACK FRIDAY Traders Magazine looks back to 2011 when exchange-traded funds were beginning to gain favor in the marketplace. Fast forward to 2018 and we now see how they remain one of the darlings of the investment world and continue to gain momentum.

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